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There is joy in Mudville
There is joy in Mudville

There is joy in Mudville

Since starting this blog nearly 11 years ago, I have made no fewer than 34 references to my beloved Chicago Cubs, nearly always referring to the heartbreaking and apparently unbreakable losing streak, and usually mentioning the end of the world or hell freezing over.

That streak is not only broken but shattered. And because it’s the Cubs, and because it’s the most incomprehensible World Series drought in the history of the game, it had to be

Seven games
Come from behind 3-1 in the series
Extra innings
Rain delay
Won on the road
I am exhausted to the point of incoherence. Voice is ragged. At one point I thought I was simultaneously having a heart attack and stroke; I couldn’t feel my lips. My heart is still recovering. A friend posted on Facebook that her Apple Watch thought she was having a heart attack. I have never seen such a game, of any sport, in my life. If it were a book or movie it would have been mocked for being such a cliche. And yet, here we are.

Thank you, Cubs. You brought some very much needed distraction this week, and this win was so, so deserved.


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