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There’s a hole in my (ice) bucket
There’s a hole in my (ice) bucket

There’s a hole in my (ice) bucket

There's a hole in my (ice) bucket


Sir Patrick did it best:




I was really hoping to fly under the radar with this über-viral Ice Bucket Challenge. But alas, I was nominated twice this weekend. Such is social media.

I’m not going to do it.

But Jen! It’s such a worthy cause!

Yup. I agree. ALS is a horrible disease, and may it never strike down another person. I pray this Ice Bucket Challenge raises much needed research dollars for prevention and to find a cure. Still not participating.

Jeez, it’s all in fun! What’s wrong with you?

I’m a 40 Year Old Curmudgeon, apparently. Or so think my sons, who desperately want to do this. But while they see people dumping ice water on their heads in the name of a good cause, I see a rapidly worsening drought on the west coast. I see third world countries that have little to no clean drinking water. If my kids want ice water dumped on their heads, fine. I’ll gladly do it to them…in the shower, to be quickly followed by later, rinse, and no repeat. But I’m none too keen on wasting water. If California goes completely dry from this unholy drought, what happens to the grapes that are magically transformed into that soul-saving elixir we know as wine? I’ll tell you what happens. They end up as raisins and raisins are just damned nasty. Worse than a Pumpkin Spice Latte in August.

No, seriously, what’s wrong with you?

Nothing. I just despise being cold and avoid it at all costs. See also previous answer of 40 Year Old Curmudgeon and the future of wine. Also introverted, stubborn, and kinda Tired Of All The Things.


I can live with that. I’ve been called worse and will again I’m sure.

You’re a horrible person and just don’t care.

Uh. No. But I support other causes. And so I will go support one of those causes now. I could pick the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of a family member and a family friend. Or perhaps the Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of my gram and several of her siblings, or to honor of the family members who cared for them and suffered far more than the person with the disease. Or maybe the National Parkinson Foundation, in honor of my dad and in memory of his mom (though, by god, I am not taking a pie in the face. What the hell?).

Fine. Whatever.

At least we’re in agreement on that.

So I’ll join Sir Patrick in a drink, but I’ll skip the ice.

I like mine neat.











  1. Celeste

    I agree it’s a totally worthy cause. But the whole social phenomenon has gotten weird. It’s become more about ego and conformity than actually caring. It’s easy to tip a bucket of water over your head without really even giving a sh** what it’s about.
    The disease requires research. But today and every day thousands of children in the world will die, not from a tricky disease, but from dirty water. Dirty water. Yet turning our backs on that is not so – social media – obvious; in fact we get away with it completely. No one judges us for buying our own kid another toy instead.

  2. Beth

    Exactly there with you. Called out by my brother in law (who I notice didn’t call out his own brother, but picked on me instead). And I have a very sick little boy who would think the whole idea was great — except when his fever came back with a vengeance after the icy bath he’d be part of, no matter what I told him — exactly how good would I feel as a mother. I wouldn’t. When I said that to brother in law, he said I should do it anyway because the ice would bring down his fever. Umm.

    This is a worthy cause. And I am glad to see that it is getting attention. But I think we passed the point when it was a good way to raise awareness and have degraded into the latest form of peer pressure. I never responded well to peer pressure. What I donate to and don’t donate too is my business. Oh, and for the record, I hate being on camera. If I did the ice bucket challenge, I wouldn’t want to be videoed, which would completely defeat the purpose.

    By the way, good points on wasting water. I’ll join you in just saying no.

  3. qH

    Yes, yes, yes. This thing makes me angry. Wasting fresh water? What? Give money to people who need water and people who need more research dollars. I’m with Celeste on the ego thing. I can’t see it doing any good–except to make someone feel good for doing something that required minimal effort and wow, they get to brag about it. I’m an atheist but I still am down with the idea of praying in the closet, as it were. (Cite, because I’m an OCD lawyer: Matthew 6:5-6)

  4. I’m so with you on this. My student challenged me to do it, but she and the others were just having fun and thought it was cool.

    I had just recovered from a bad cold/cough after 8 weeks, and was not going to risk my health for this.

    In the end, I just grabbed a screen capture of my donation to a local charity.

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