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Thirty for thirty

  1. I did it. Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo and all I can think is OHTHANKGOD. Despite the fact that last year I kept the daily streak going until the end of January, I’m fairly certain there will be no post tomorrow. That I managed to slap something up every day this month is simply a testament to the depth of my insanity. It is considerably deeper than I realized.
  2. The next thirty days will be dedicated to replying to all the awesome comments from the posts of the previous thirty.
  3. I’m hopeful this will now open up some time for things like, I dunno, Christmas shopping.
  4. Because as of today, the boys aren’t having Christmas.
  5. Which is cheap on the front end, and expensive as hell on the back end when we have to pay for the therapy.
  6. And speaking of which, at what point do I just sit A down and tell him the truth about Santa? He believes so deeply and so fully that I’m afraid of the fallout of the truth. I had to do the sex talk last spring, I’ve done 9/11, this is the last biggie. And frankly, I’d like the boys to quit thinking the big red bastard is going to bring them high-end electronics, simply because they ask.
  7. I already got my Christmas present. And Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t forget the St. Patrick’s day sparklies. And the Flag Day bonanza. Tom is considering converting to Judaism, just so we have a few other holidays from which to borrow. My phone was weeks from the brink, so I got an iPhone 4S on Monday. I’m gonna love it and hug it and name it George. I haven’t gotten to play with it much yet, but it’s delightfully fast and doesn’t eat battery power for breakfast. Something is funky with the ringer-Tom just called and it didn’t ring but buzzed instead-but that’s a setting that I need to double check. I lurves my phone and bought it a purty pink and black super-protective case this afternoon.
  8. Our current pace of life isn’t sustainable.
  9. All four of us are various levels of miserable.
  10. These are the only lives we have.
  11. We’re not enjoying them.
  12. I cannot burnout again like I did 3 1/2 years ago. I don’t think I have it in me to pull myself back out of it again.
  13. Changes must be made.
  14. Because I’m tired of regretting that my life is passing me by.
  15. Halfway. Again.
  16. Which reminds me. I had a lot of great ideas and questions from comments on that post. And I totally piddled down my leg actually following up on them. On the bright side, I now have some great topics for December, once I dig those out from the other four gazillion in that inbox.
  17. I hate my dishwasher. Just opened it to discover that yet again it went all OOH! SHINY! on me and the soap is still in the dispenser. I’m going to go with Boiling Hot Water Kills Everything and call them clean regardless.
  18. Agh. I still have to make coffee and lunches for tomorrow.
  19. Thankfully J has pizza day the first Thursday of every month.
  20. The first Thursday of every month I really really wish A could have gluten and dairy.
  21. The office got new coffee machines. This is news akin to the Second Coming. The coffee before today could only be best described as brackish hell. AKA I NEED CAFFEINE AND I’M WILLING TO SACRIFICE MY TONGUE, MY STOMACH LINING, AND MY SELF-RESPECT. I thought before this that my parents made the strongest coffee allowed by law. I was wrong. This was not only strong enough to mug you in an alley, it had the attitude to then talk itself through TSA security without credentials as it flew off to Hawaii to rescue its brethren from roasting and grinding and brewing. It was baaaaad coffee my friends. We now have some fancy schmancy pod thingy; tomorrow I shall have frou-frou coffee as I work through the least stressful part of my day.
  22. No Movember here this year. Tom refuses to grow a single whisker. I love beards and he still won’t. Le sigh…
  23. If I hear one more time that Chicago is expected to have one of the worst winters on record this year, I’m leaving. I’m sure one of my friends back in Colorado will take me in for a few months. I’ve been without the sun for too long already; add in wicked bad wind and snow and subzero temps and I don’t know if I’ll make it. I’m a delicate flower, yo.
  24. Why did I think a list of 30 things was a good idea again?
  25. I like wine.
  26. I can’t tell if Rosie is peeing on my sofa, or if she just licks herself with such vigor that she drools on the upholstery. I also can’t decide if I give enough of a damn to do something about it.
  27. When I set up George I took off a whole bunch of apps. You know, so I can find new ones. Mwahahahahahaha….
  28. After the New Year MacDreamy2 is going to go to the Genius Bar Day Spa and Sushi Bar. Because I’m really sick of the lag time and hanging, especially when I try to work on pictures. MD2 is much too young to be that slow.
  29. I’m that slow, but that’s because I haven’t exercised all year. For all that 2010 was about hitting the gym and discovering that I love to lift weights, 2011 was all about the 100% opposite. In related news, my right ankle and knee are so screwed up that I don’t know if exercise will help or make it worse. I know I’m not much for resolutions, but I’ve written off 2011 and will start fresh in a month.
  30. Finally. Thirty. It’s been a long month, glad it’s over. I don’t know what December will bring, but I’m hopeful it will bring relief and answers and a reduction in the household stress. ‘Cause we just can’t live like this anymore.
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  1. /ei /ei

    “6.And speaking of which, at what point do I just sit A down and tell him the truth about Santa? He believes so deeply and so fully that I’m afraid of the fallout of the truth. I had to do the sex talk last spring, I’ve done 9/11, this is the last biggie. And frankly, I’d like the boys to quit thinking the big red bastard is going to bring them high-end electronics, simply because they ask.”

    This. OMG this. I actually tried to coyly out myself last year and he put on his selective hearing hat. I hate to swear but, (edited).

  2. Paula H. Paula H.

    On #6. Santa is part of the magic of Christmas, of course he is real!

    On #26. I was just asking the same question of my older female dog (who is no longer allowed to sleep on my couch). She was highly embarrassed when she awoke in a puddle Monday afternoon. Might be low estrogen says the vet.

  3. Sarah Sarah

    Don’t know what to say… so I’ll just send ((hugs)) and cyber-wine.

  4. Do you own the book “On the Banks of Plum Creek”? Ma explains the existence of Santa to Laura and Mary. It is the best, truest explanation I’ve ever heard. I copied it to save. To paraphrase: Love happens when people are unselfish. On Christmas, everyone is unselfish at the same time, and this is Santa. Go get the book.

  5. JenC JenC

    Hey! Didja hear that Chicago is supposed to have one the worst winters on record this year?!? Now get your ass back to Colorado. You can have my guest room, but you’ll have to share a bathroom with The Boy. 🙂

  6. GinevraCat GinevraCat

    re #6: I have carefully explained to my children that Santa goes undercover during the year and sells his homemade toys at craft markets to get money for store-bought things. If people don’t have money to spend, Santa gets less money for his homemade toys, so HE has less money to spend too. ;).

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