Nov 15 2008

This and that

So…just a simple Saturday here at La Casa de Chaos.

  • J finally pushed Rosie over the edge and she snapped at him, getting him just above his eye. We’re going to work with the Humane Society people with the two of them. Neither one is going anywhere, so J is going to have to learn a dog’s signs, and Rosie is going to have to learn how to smack him upside the head instead of nipping. If I can do that, she can learn it.
  • J had his first violin recital today. So cute, and yet oh-holy-hell my parents deserve a medal for coming to all my recitals and concerts and contests.
  • I will never leave the Boulder area, simply because alternative diets are just so commonplace here. We went for pizza after J’s recital; Beau Jo’s pizza has gluten free pizzas and gluten free beer. Damned good pizza and I was just so happy that I could have pizza and beer. Good beer, at that.
  • Tomorrow I’m having a bra party. Should be fun, and there will be chocolatinis.
  • Cub Scout popcorn has come in, and now A has the eternal joy of getting the popcorn to everyone. Now he’ll learn what $650 worth of popcorn looks like.

And now I must get the cherubs into the bath and bed. Perhaps soon I’ll have an amusing and thought-provoking post.


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  1. Robin

    Chocolatinis? I’m intrigued…

  2. michelle

    A bra party? I’ve never heard of that! I loved those before and after pics of the ladies…I’m sure I am one of them!

  3. melissaz

    Sounds eerily familiar. Cub scout popcorn? Check. Violin recital? Check. Great city with alternative eating options? Check.

    And yea, how my parents survived recitals and concerts is beyond me. O.M.G. Except my kid. He was perfect.

  4. RC

    Little Dude and Supercat crossed paths at an early stage, and I knew they would. I even warned the Hubby not to take it out on the cat, since I knew what my darling boy was doing to my favorite furbaby, and Supercat was being mighty tolerant for as long as he could.

    Not fun, but it happens, and sometimes, is the only way the both learn.

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