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This holiday season, we decided to NOT DIE
This holiday season, we decided to NOT DIE

This holiday season, we decided to NOT DIE

We were planning to hop in the MomVan first thing tomorrow and high-tail it to northern Iowa to join Tom’s family for Christmas.

Plans have changed.

If you live in the great frozen north, you know that right now most of Iowa is shut down with a blizzard warning. Wind chills around -35 to -40, blowing and drifting snow, zero visibility. Yeah, not my ideal travel weather, especially with two easily-prone-to-panic children. I’ve done the young and stupid traveling solo with no cell phone in subzero temperatures route, and I’m not terribly keen to repeat the experience.

So we’re staying in Chicago another day.

Either the boys will be so enamored of the presents they got to open tonight and play with them all day, or we will get sick of it all and haul them down to the Museum of Science and Industry for the day. Either way, the boys get one less day with their cousins and they’re sad about that.

Me? I’m just happy to not be taunting death making that drive tomorrow.


  1. I know you guys are disappointed, but I choose to see it as you being lucky enough to spend another day in our lovely city!! 😉 I hope you’re enjoying the MSI as I’m typing this. I wish I were there!

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