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This is a gift
This is a gift

This is a gift


On Friday at An Intense Life I wrote about returning to my flute playing roots. But long before I ever picked up a flute and worked up a pucker, I wanted to be a writer. I wrote stories for fun, kept a writer’s supply box (pencil box full of sharpened pencils and sweet smelling erasers), took creative writing classes. In 3rd grade we had to write to an author as part of language arts; I wrote to Judy Blume and included one of my stories. I actually received a very nice reply back, and I’d give my arm to find that letter from her. Sadly, that all fell by the wayside when I started band.

While still a flutist, I’ve now added author to my life description. If This is a Gift, Can I Send it Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice-Exceptional will drop within the week. While I’ve been working on this for several months, it still doesn’t seem quite real. Me? An author? Really? I’m excited and terrified and so proud of this book. It’s my hope that everyone reading it feels less alone, knows they have a tribe behind them as they struggle, and most of all gets a giggle or two. The second I hear the book is live I will scream it to the skies…erm…the Twitters and the Facebooks and the Interwebz.

When I first started this blog six and a half years ago, it was on a lark, to see what this whole blogging thing was about. It has turned out to be so, so much more. And for that, I am grateful.


If you follow Laughing at Chaos on Facebook, you may have seen my post (and possibly others’) this evening about the book. If you follow LAC on Facebook and didn’t see it this evening, well, Facebook is being a bit of an ass with pages. If you want to see new posts you have to go to the page, hover over “liked,” click “show in Newsfeed,” and bless a rainbow-farting unicorn. Or just click “like” on damned near everything you see from Laughing at Chaos that comes through your feed. Then Facebook has a DUH moment and realizes, “OH! That person really did want updates all the time, and not just when we think they deserve to get them! Our bad!”


  1. Amber

    I got the book on Kindle and was glad my DS8 was visiting his great granny with grandma because I read it cover to cover in one indulgent gulp. I am so grateful to you for putting into words with so much grace and humor the way I feel so often about my own son. You were in my closet indeed! Thank you! Now I believe that it will be OK if the GT full time program he is starting doesn’t serve him to take the homeschooling plunge!

    1. Jen

      Amber, I’m speechless and thrilled. Thank YOU for your comment! And I truly hope the GT program works for your son; when done right, those programs can be lifesavers for our kids. 🙂

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