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This ‘n that

This ‘n that

My little ironman is doing well. We started him on the iron drops on Thursday night with high hopes. And he came into my room early Friday morning and promptly threw up. Whether it was a reaction to the iron or picking up a bug at school we don’t know. So we gave him none on Friday, and half doses through today. Tomorrow he’ll get his full dose split up over the day. Really, puke is not the way to start the day. No huge difference in sleeping yet, but given the circumstances, that’s not surprising.

The Broncos are winning right now. And yes, Tom is wearing his lucky shirt. Thankfully it was a nice day today and he doesn’t have the stylish layered look going this game.

I had a meeting cancel today and so we got a crapload done. Cleaned the garage, sorted toys, got the recycles to the center (they were taking over the garage), dug planters into the ground with sprinklers for next spring, cleaned out the garden, and A raked the leaves. All 10 of them. The benefit to living in a newer community is that the trees have zippo for leaves for several years.

Yesterday Tom and I went to a day long Love and Logic seminar. L&L is very well known in Colorado because they’re based in Golden, I’m not so sure how well known they’re known outside of the state. Their books have been translated into several languages, but I had never heard of them before moving here. Tom and I truly believe that if we had had training with L&L while teaching we probably would have remained teachers, or at least would have been happier while teaching. It’s difficult to explain quickly, so just click on over to the website and take a look-see, I’ll wait. So after our day long seminar, we’re feeling more confident of our abilities as parents. We think we’ll make it. The thing is, we know just enough to be dangerous, and not enough to be effective. So we’re going to meet a couple of times a week to plan out what to do and how to do it. But I believe if A gets proper sleep, and Tom and I can figure out how in hell to be decent parents, we’ll make it.

I’m lovin’ the iPod. Eighty happy gigs, I’ve been shoving music into it every day, and it only has 1 gig filled. At this rate my computer is going to have congestive hard drive failure because of the amount of music and my little iPod is going to keep skipping along happily. I need to name it; Jen’s Tunes just doesn’t cut it. I named my flute, need to name the iPod.

A has a second sleep study on Wednesday. Again, don’t want something to be wrong with him, but really hope they find some answers.

And finally, I’m going to try upgrading to Blogger Beta. Pray for me, I hate upgrading/changing anything involving electronics, it inevitably ends up being a long pain in the ass. So if my blog mysteriously disappears, know that I’m cursing heartily on the other end.

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