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Thursday Thirteen–I just can’t believe…
Thursday Thirteen–I just can’t believe…

Thursday Thirteen–I just can’t believe…

Thirteen Things I just can’t believe

1. J does not have pink eye. Apparently it is some sort of eye goop disgusting thing that he’s enjoying smearing on my sweater. Eye drops help. So does Benedryl.

2. Both boys have fluid in their ears. Learned this yesterday at the ENT when A went in for a hearing test. He has some hearing loss, let’s hope it’s due to the aforementioned fluid. We go back in 8 weeks for a check; if there’s still fluid in their ears, I’m gonna see if I can get a 2 for 1 deal on tubes for them. A had them when he was 19 months old; he’ll then be in the “only 25% of kids need them again” club. I don’t freakin’ care. If it’ll help him hear, he’s getting ’em. J too. I don’t think he’s hearing very well.

3. It’s almost the end of February and I haven’t wanted to divorce my husband. Glory be! Usually by now I’m looking up attorneys. Spring is next week! Yippee!

4. I actually have dinner prepped in the fridge.

5. You, that idiot driver from California I saw this morning? Yeah, while it’s all well and good that you have your baby strapped into a car seat, the other two toddlers in your car need to be belted in too. Car.Seats. Not the car’s seat belt (which you weren’t even using), which would have strangled one and not reached the other. Car. Freakin’. Seats. I’m sorry you have a little Saturn and three kids in the backseat. Tough nuts. Find a way. I’ve seen three booster seats in the back of a Saturn, so I know it can be done. I’m willing to bet you drove here from California that way. Shame on you. A nine year old boy died the other night out here because he was in the front seat, not wearing a seat belt. So when you get into an accident, and your kids go flying through the windshield…I’m not going to finish that thought. Oh, and by the way, the baby needs to be in the middle of the backseat. Find a way, idiot.

6. My kids complain about how tightly I strap them into their carseats. Tough. I had car seat techs show me how. When your lips turn blue I’ll loosen the straps.

7. The whole disaster with port security and the United Arab Emirates. The President didn’t know about it? Gimme a break! He has people to tell him this shit. Apparently they’re not doing their jobs. Is it 2008 yet? Please?

8. I have watched probably a combined 5 hours of Olympic coverage. This astonishes me. I am usually an Olympic junkie, but I just haven’t felt the Olympic love this time. I don’t get it. But I’ll watch the figure skating tonight. Gotta figure out how to scrapbook at the same time, though. Ah! Organization! That I can do in front of the tv!

9. Bode Miller. I know he’s a great athlete. You can’t be in the Olympics and NOT be a great athlete. But what was he thinking? Sprain your ankle playing in a pickup basketball game? Dude, if you’re not going to take this seriously, step out of the way for someone who will. In the meantime, ice your ankle and tape your mouth shut.

10. A will be five in April and I’m starting to get party planning catalogs. Crap. I don’t think I’m going to be able to bail on a party this year like I did last year. Chuck E. Cheese is starting to look pretty good. I hate planning kid parties. No, wait, I don’t. I hate having them. Unless there’s a keg for the grownups.

11. My next-door neighbor brought over chocolate chip cookies last week. I love cc cookies, they are my all-time favorites. These were, by far, the best cc cookies I’ve ever had. Punchline? She’s a dental hygenist.

12. We have nothing planned for this weekend. The second weekend in a row. No, wait, I’m playing in GospelFest this weekend at church. But other than that, nada. Ahhhhh…

13. And I made it to 13! And J is awake and crying! Mom-life goes on! LOL

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