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Thursday Thirteen–it’s been awhile
Thursday Thirteen–it’s been awhile

Thursday Thirteen–it’s been awhile

Thirteen Things about Jen

1. I leave in 8 days for my trip. I cannot wait. I need this trip. Thank GOD for my parents, who will be watching the boys.

2. This morning I am watching three boys in addition to my own two nutsos. Five boys five and under.

3. I’m hitting the liquor store this afternoon. This is only marginally related to #2 and completely related to #4.

4. I’m hosting a Slumber Party tomorrow. Can’t wait.

5. Hold the presses, I read a book! Yes, I’m as stunned as you are. Right now my mom is laughing hysterically, as I was the child they worried would have to have a book surgically removed from my hands. It wasn’t book-club worth, it wasnt’ a parenting book, it wasn’t Captain Underpants. I’m so proud.

6. My allergies have taken on a life of their own. I’m at the point of hallucinating about allergy drugs that might actually work.

7. My to-do list for today is at 19 with no end in sight. That’s pathetic for the first day of June.

8. I have a massage this afternoon. Maybe that’ll help my headache, jaw pain, stress, world peace (hey, it’s in Boulder, ya never know…)

9. I’m only at 9? I thought I had a lot more in me today.

10. The boys are all still here. The youngest is 10 months.

11. There’s a messy house, a torn up house, and then there is Hurricane A and J, combined with cold front “Basement Hell” and “Allergy Tsunami”.

12. I’m starting a tasty home-based business. That oughta be a new experience, never done it before. Flute lessons don’t really count.

13. Y’all have a great weekend, I have to go feed a baby, build train tracks, make mac ‘n cheese, and fantasize about a finished basement and allergy meds that work.

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One comment

  1. Karin

    #1 Good for you – hope you have a blast 🙂
    #2 Are you nuts? lol!
    #3 LOL!
    #4 No comment…lol!
    #5 I went to the library on Tuesday and got 7 books for LG and one for me. We’ve read all of her books and I’ve read one page of mine. *sigh*
    #8 Hope you enjoyed it!

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