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Thursday Thirteen: websites I love
Thursday Thirteen: websites I love

Thursday Thirteen: websites I love

Thirteen Things really cool websites, the non-blog edition, in no particular order

Disclaimer: I have no connection with any of these sites, I just like ’em.

1. This site is so much fun, especially if you’re a raging geek or shop for a raging geek. Appropriately named Think Geek. I got the Gorilla Pod flexible tripod for Tom for Christmas, it’s awesome.

I’m always on the lookout for cool and safe websites for A. I’ve managed to find a few:

2. JigZone Jigsaw Puzzles. These are jigsaw puzzles you can do online, from simple to holy hell difficult. You get to choose the level of difficulty and number of puzzle pieces. Also a great way to waste time at work! 🙂

3. If you have kids and haven’t yet found Starfall, get over there already. It is a phonics-based reading program for kids. At age 4, A would play there by himself. I really do credit this site for not only giving me some sanity time, but for helping him learn to read at a young age.

4. PBS Kids is also a great way for me to get some quiet time while A entertains himself.

5. Want to know if there’s a sex offender living or working nearby? Check out the National Sex Offender Registry.

6. I’m a fontaholic. I never actually use them, but I seem to collect them, for scrapbooking and if I ever figure it out, on this blog as well. And I’m cheap, so I look for free ones. I start here.

7. I only like to cook when I’m not hungry, which makes dinner planning a whole lot of fun. I try to plan early in the day so I can get everything ready early. All Recipes has a lot of great recipes on it…I try to stick to the healthiest ones.

8. If I’m cooking, I want good spices. I.Love.Penzeys. This is a spice shop that started off as a small store in Wisconsin, really built up the catalog/online business, and now is starting to open shops around the country (including one near me–happy happy!). Get your spices in bulk; they are cheaper, and Penzey’s quality is astounding.

9. I have managed to cut my grocery budget by quite a bit by playing the Grocery Game. This website works to correspond weekly newspaper coupons with the weekly specials at the store. Love.It.

10. Like fonts, I collect quotes. I really should have a Quote of the Day here, but I’m lazy and have a memory like a sieve, so I’d probably never remember to do it. I have a ton of sites, but hey, let’s go with this one.

11. Another amusing shopping site. Keep your inner kid alive at Perpetual Kid. I love the Beer Bands drink markers and the Wine Lines drink markers. Simple minds, simple pleasures, right?

12. Love the extras on DVDs? Did you know there are hidden goodies in them? I’m too lazy to sit and figure them out on my own, so I cheat. ; )

13. And because I love Disney World and want all the info I can get, I love All Ears. Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Whew. Thirteen websites I hit. Granted, I had to check my favorites list since I put sites in there and forget all about them, expecting to go back “later”. Uh-huh.

Finally, if anyone can help me figure out how in heck to put up my own banner, please drop me an email. I’m tired of this blog template and want to personalize it in my (hardee har har) spare time. I know there’s a way to do it on blogger, but damned if I can figure it out.

Oh, and this week I’ll remember to add your TT to this site. Duh. See, memory like a sieve…

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