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Thursday Thirteen…My First!
Thursday Thirteen…My First!

Thursday Thirteen…My First!

Thirteen Things about JenRandom thoughts

1…It finally snowed! A lot! We got over 5 inches. Of course, this means I won’t be able to rely on the Divine Intervention Method of snow removal. Guess I know what I’m doing this afternoon.

2…The snow prevented the basement guy from coming this morning and giving me a bid on finishing the basement. : ( Really looking forward to seeing what he could come up with. It’s going to be awhile on getting bids from builders ’cause the home show is still going on and they’re swamped.

3…Powerball is really really high right now. It’s at $365 million. I really want to win. Yeah, I know that sounds greedy, especially since I’m praying for a tax refund, but my music school is in desperate need of a new building. The cash value of Powerball is $177.3 million dollars. WTF would I do with that much money alone? Ok, besides pay off my house, car, and bills (I wouldn’t move, I built this house and I love it, it’s perfect for us), and make sure family is taken care of… I would walk into my music school, sit the directors down, and tell them to find a big piece of land, an architect, and start building. A big building, with parking, and an auditorium, and lots of soundproofed studios, maybe a repair shop on site (uuuhhhhhh…..that would be so nice!), maybe a music store on site (mmm…that would be great, too). And paid for. And then, lots of scholarships for students. The school already turns no one away, but to have that always taken care of… I want to do that so badly. And then, with the rest of the money, set up some sort of foundation for scholarships and programs I believe in. I really want to win, and it’s not for me. Yup, I sound like a goody two-shoes, but I really feel this way. Watch, I’ll forget to go buy tickets.

4…I have been on this steroid/antibiotic cocktail for a chronic sinus infection for roughly 3 weeks now. IT SUCKS. I was warned that the steroid would make me retain water and make me ravenously hungry. It is true. I am always hungry and thirsty (it’s worse than being pregnant, I swear) and I have gained 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks. And that is with working out, which I usually don’t do (I’m a lazy bum). Apparently I’m retaining all the water in my knees (which are killing me) and in my face. On the plus side, my face is smooth as a baby’s ass and my beginnings of wrinkles have disappeared. LOL

5…Bill Cosby had it right in his standup routine. No offense to parents with just one child, but really, you’re not a parent until you have more than one. I never, ever believed that until J was about a year old. Until that time, it’s kinda easy. Then you get into the whole “he pushed me”, and the scream fests at dinner time, and the pushing the table back and forth at dinner time (IKEA makes very lightweight tables, BTW), and the “grab the pen!$” game during bathtime, and who needs to clean up what toys, and what video to watch, and you get the idea. Why moms aren’t in charge of the world is beyond me; we can handle damn near anything.

6…My pile of stuff to read has exploded. Right now I have: one local newspaper, at least 5 magazines, 2 monthly humor newspapers, at least 6 books on parenting that need to be read NOW, 2 books for fun (one is for book club on Tuesday), a billion blogs (’cause I’m a blog addict), and while I’m a really really fast reader, I don’t know if I can read that much.

7…The snow has temporarily knocked out my Directv. And XM, which comes with it (I love me some XM…XM Kids rocks!). So I guess I have time to read now.

8…I love my sons. I would go to the ends of the earth for them, I would kill for them. Mama Bear comes out if someone harms them. But there are days, and today is one of them, when I absolutely detest my children. Yes, that sounds harsh, but it is true. Any mom who claims that she loves being a mom, and her children, every single minute of every single day is either lying through her teeth or is highly medicated. Oh, or has a full-time nanny and never sees the children in question. If I could have sent both boys off to the Mary Poppins Center for Mom’s Mental Health, I would have packed them off at 7:01 this morning.

9…Oh hey, it’s the “push the table” game, lunch version! Woohoo! AGH!!!!!!

10…Thank GOD it is a preschool day. ‘Nuff said.

11…Yes, this blog is called “Never a Dull Moment” and it occurred to me that it’s been rather dull. I came up with the title when I realized that I said that all the time, pretty much to calm myself down, or to show to a stranger (with a smile) that yes, I know my kids are a handful. I’ve been working on a post in my head for awhile now about that. It’ll be an ongoing thing, but I need to write about it.

12…Hey, the sun is coming out! But it’s still cold and I’m still going to have to go out and shovel this afternoon. Extra exercise, I guess. I was so proud that I got up early and hit the treadmill this morning. I can call this the cardio portion.

13…I actually hit 13! I’m so proud! I didn’t know I had that much random crap in my head! LOL Ooh, today is Thursday…it’s put the boys to bed early night and scrapbook! Yay! Ok, gotta get A to preschool!

edit: About the 5+ inches of snow…my grass is happy, my trees are happy…my arms, legs, butt, and back…not so happy. Ugh. ; )

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  1. Karin

    I just read that about Powerball! We’ll probably forget to buy tickets, too…lol!

    And I think if you have one human toddler and one canine toddler, that counts as two children, cuz gosh they’re a lot of work…lol!

  2. Norma

    Congratulations on your first 13. I started with the first Thursday of 2006 and find it an interesting challenge. As you think about this week, I’m sure you’ll have a “never a dull moment” 13 items next Thursday and it won’t be so hard.

    My TT is up, but you may have to scroll down a bit since I’ve moved on.

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