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Thursday Thoughts
Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

  • I don’t do Throwback Thursday online because I think it’s a ploy to get us to tag old pictures of ourselves in an attempt to have images of ourselves throughout the years. Note to self: add tinfoil to the Costco list.
  • Went to the local high school tech campus open house, to see what was offered in computer science and programming. Pretty sure Andy would have started tomorrow if he could. But he has to be a junior in high school, so we have time to prep him for what is essentially a college level track. Two years in the computer science track and he could walk out with nine college credit hours and A+ certification. I have a small measure of relief, he’s jazzed about something called school. Wins all around tonight.
  • My schedule isn’t lending itself to writing before say, 9:30. By that point I’m usually toast. Brain fried. Done and done. The posts I want to do about interesting things, or thoughtful things, or funny things…don’t get done because thinking is just too much work by that point. Hence bullet points here.
  • I really need a new phone, but the thought of going through the hassle of switching providers (because I am, because of service issues in areas we drive through) AND having to wait for my big, beautiful iPhone 6 to be delivered…I don’t have the bandwidth to think or go through with it. Maybe later. In the meantime I baby my 4S and keep it plugged in as often as possible.
  • The boys have gotten into “Yo Mama” jokes. I try not to laugh, but damn, some of them are hysterical. But I especially love that one time J said, “But not you, mom, you’re perfect.”
  • Hm. I’m hungry. It’s 10:30 at night. There’s not much snacky stuff to eat.
  • My phone and MacDreamy2 are both about to go dead because batteries are the last great frontier. I swear, if Andy could discover a way to increase and stabilize battery life he’d make a fortune, save the world, and ensure I get the good nursing home.
  • Full moon. I knew this how? Not my kids. I was the one full of batshit crazy this time. Glad to see it go. Also, batshit crazy is the best descriptive term in the history of ever.
  • There’s an arctic blast from hell…erm…the arctic…headed this way next week. I haven’t ordered my floor-length down thermoprotective shield of parka. Wonder if I can get express delivery.
  • I could really, really go for a vacation about now…said I four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, twelve months ago, and about an hour ago.
  • NaBloPoMo would be a lot more fun if I weren’t writing at 10:30 every night. See bullet point number three.
  • I really should go to bed already. Tomorrow is a very long day and I will probably have a bit of a full-moon-hangover.


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