Jun 27 2007

Today I saw the future, and it was goooood

A in school all day.

J in school part time.

Me getting some much needed peace and quiet to think, exercise, and work.

Today was the day I got to see how the fall will go. A has day camp today, J had morning preschool camp. It was the first time in three years (yes, since J was born three years ago…minus a couple of weeks) that I’ve had both boys out of the house on their own.

And it.was.wonderful.

I went for a long walk. By myself.

I took a shower. By myself.

I caught up on paperwork. By myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys to the ends of the earth and back several million times. But “me” time has been pushed to the back burner out of necessity. I do get away to go scrapbooking, or out to dinner with a friend. But to be in my house, by myself, almost never happens.

People who know me, and know my boys, ask me what I’m going to do this fall when they’re in school. And my answer is that I’ll stare at the walls in silence for a couple of weeks, then shake myself awake and go on. Today I had a taste of that, and will again two more times in July.

I’m ready to get my groove back.

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