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Vegas bound

I’m off! Off to where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, where Tom and I will renew vows with Elvis (I’m still amazed we’re doing this), where we will be child-free for three peaceful days. The boys are in good hands (my parents’) and there will be much eating, drinking, and laughter. The friends we are going with are some of our dearest friends, and there will be memories made. Oh yes, there will be memories made.

Now. To pack…

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  1. RC RC

    Have a wonderful time! (And congrats again, on renewing the vows!)

  2. Have a blast! Call me when you get back, we need to get together and can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

  3. Jen! I’ve always wanted to renew my vows Vegas style! How fun! I really really hope the two of you have a great time and take lots of fun pictures. Relax and enjoy!

    Mark and I just got home from a sailing trip on Lake Texoma with the sister in law….very relaxing…we both needed it.

  4. Have a fantastic time, and you know we expect photos of the whole Elvis thing, right?

  5. Karin Karin

    Have a great trip! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your pending re-nuptuals. Have a great time in Vegas and a safe journey there and back. I look forward to reading your tales of adventure when you return.

  7. Why pack – you’ll be to busy having fun & sleeping in to change.

  8. MRMacrum MRMacrum

    Have a good time.

  9. Have fun and give Elvis a kiss for me. LOL. 😉 Congrats on renewing your vows.

  10. madge madge

    sounds great. have a wonderful time.

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