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Waffles are just a vehicle for butter and syrup
Waffles are just a vehicle for butter and syrup

Waffles are just a vehicle for butter and syrup

Alert! Alert! There’s a national waffle shortage!!!! Yes, Kellogg’s warns that the Eggo waffle supply will be greatly depleted until next summer. NO WAFFLES?


Whatever shall we do? The beloved yellow boxes are flying off the shelves! Old Mother Hubbard will have nothing to feed her starving baybees!!!


Why is this getting so much press? They are frozen discs of precooked dough. In a pinch, they’re icy Frisbees. Here’s a suggestion. Get one of these:

waffle makerPlus some of this:


Or, in my house, some of this:

pamela's pancake mix

Add a little of this:

timerAnd then stick a huge honkin’ batch of homemade waffles into one of these:

refrigeratorVoi-freaking-la! Frozen waffles! No need to be held hostage by the heartbreaking Eggo shortage! (Unless, of course, you’re a college student and can’t make your own waffles. But you shouldn’t have a toaster in your dorm room anyway for the Eggo’s, so just suck it up and go down to the cafeteria like we all had to. Your meal plan is 100% better than my was, so quit yer bitchin).

Sirup? You’re on your own.

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