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Watch out, it is ON
Watch out, it is ON

Watch out, it is ON

I think that I shall never see
A watch that is uglier than thee.

Two years ago Tom got a watch for Christmas from our sister in law. It was a generous gift, true heirloom quality…she was so excited and proud to have found it, and at such a low price. She couldn’t wait to gift him with it.

bling watch

Isn’t it lovely? Check out the fine detail on this baby:

bling watch2 bling watch3

We especially love how his name is misspelled. Being an heirloom quality watch, Tom couldn’t part with it for an entire year. Then with great sadness and hope for its future, he lovingly wrapped it up and added it to the pile of white elephant gifts at the annual Christmas party my crazy scrapbooking friends and I have.

There it graced the arm of a friend‘s husband. He totally looked phat, hip, and dy-no-mite!

We thought the story of The Watch was over, that it had a new and loving home.

But it’s not over. No, no no… The story continues.

The watch made its way back home and was discovered last week as I packed for our road trip. It was apparently exhausted and wanted some peace and quiet, for I discovered it in the very back of my closet, on a shelf I never use, behind some stuff I forgot I had.

I suspect my friend might know more than a little about The Watch’s Incredible Journey, as there is also a Traveling Santa I discovered hidden in the back of a different closet after our annual Fireworksapalooza this past July. Santa was only closeted a couple of weeks before he was outed.

Oh, but the watch…I can’t keep the hawtness of the watch all to myself. Its shining glory has been hidden since July as it is.

Watch out. It.Is.On.


  1. You reminded me of this hideous peacock statue my cousin got my mom. My cousin thought it was gorgeous. We think it’s awful. We have swapped that thing back and forth as a gag gift for at least 5 years…We don’t even wait for Christmas. One of us will find it in the bathroom of our house, floating in a toy boat in the pool or sitting in the backseat of our car when we least expect it. Blasted bird.

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