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Well, at least we know they work!
Well, at least we know they work!

Well, at least we know they work!

When we finished the basement we went ahead and put electric baseboard heaters down there. If I were to be cold down there I wouldn’t go and then what’s the point of finishing the basement? You know, ’cause it’s all about me. The day the electrician installed the heaters it was around 102 degrees, we didn’t have the a/c on, and we didn’t test the heaters to make sure they’d work. Well, this morning I went down with the boys and turned them on. They work great, lots of heat, it’s delicious. Then the smoke detectors went off. New heaters+first time on=smoke detectors going off because of the smoky new heater smell. Better today than Saturday night when my parents are here and turn on the bedroom heater for the first time! But hey, everything works and when you open up the basement door you’re smacked in the face with rolling waves of heat. Delicious.

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  1. cursingmama

    Gameboy once melted 1/2 of his Fisher Price plastic tool set in the baseboard heaters – boy did that stink.

    Is it freezin ass there too? 50 something for a high today – WTF?

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