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Well, yeah, you know
Well, yeah, you know

Well, yeah, you know

Hand to God, I have started three posts in the last week. They are currently sitting in the drafts queue, demanding attention. They have plenty of company in there; I believe I now have a half dozen or so posts in there mocking me.

I have very good reasons why I have been MIA this week, and those reasons are also why my stats resemble a limbo winner: low. Yes, bad analogy.

  • On Saturday, while I was at an all-day conference, Tom threw his back out. No, wait, not entirely accurate. Tom was putting things into the car for a scouting event with the boys when his back went all “F*CK that! I’m going to make your life miserable for the foreseeable future! Give it up, old man! Your life as you know it is over! Now get your ass to the couch, slap some ice on me, and get the remote. I wanna watch the Cubs game. Screw the Cub Scout field trip to Dinosaur Ridge. Oh, and F*CK YOU!” Yes, he has a very profane back. This happened last fall, too. So he was laid up all weekend, and has been knocked out (and fighting it) on Vicodin ever since. The Vicodin hasn’t touched the pain, just made him nauseous and groggy. So I’ve stepped up and done a lot of things that he usually does. The capper will be this weekend when I mow the lawn for the very first time. Yes, a lawn mowing virgin. And the grass is really really long right now, and the backyard has a significant slope. I’m not so much looking forward to this, but it needs to be done before our neighbor with the perfect lawn performs ritual animal sacrifice in our front yard.
  • I had a conference with the gifted/talented coordinator and the school counselor on Tuesday. This post is in the queue; I’m still processing what we talked about and the next steps. Teaser: shitfuckdamnitall, but at least the GT gal next year is one of A’s favorite people in the whole wide world. Twice-exceptional sucks donkey dick.
  • I’m doing an eight week long group life coaching class. I’ll discuss it more when it’s over, but it’s been wonderful and I spend a lot of time thinking. I like to think. I don’t get to think enough, usually because I have small creatures demanding things like food and water and computer time.
  • School gets out a week from tomorrow and I’m trying to get my poop in a group so I’ll be ready for the onslaught. But who am I kidding, I ain’t gonna be ready.
  • I have six different games of Scrabble going on Facebook. It’s an illness.
  • Twitter is also a time suck.
  • I’m reading a book.
  • The weather FINALLY decided to quit being a PMSing PITA and is lovely. I’m not ready to work in the yard yet, but I’m all for sitting on the back porch with some iced tea, reading my book or thinking.
  • I’m trying (and failing miserably) to wean myself from the computer.
  • We’re going to Disney World next month. I am already planning for the trip, making lists and checking them twice. Taking a kid with sensory issues to the most sensory-overloaded place on earth requires a great deal of advance planning. Note to self: email uncle to get the Kennedy Space Center tix…and to jog his memory that he was going to try to show us around. 🙂
  • My Palm Pilot and cell phone are both dying slow, painful deaths. I spent a great deal of time on Tuesday trying to find a way to fix that and failed. Please, Verizon and Apple? Enough with the flirting! Consummate the relationship already so I can get an iPhone when I’m allowed to upgrade in September. Please. I’m dyin’ here. My birthday is in September, that’d be the perfect gift.
  • Yeah, that weaning from the computer is really working, can’t you tell?

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