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What goes around, comes around…
What goes around, comes around…

What goes around, comes around…

When I taught flute lessons I had good parents, great parents, and “Oh-for-the-love-of GOD!” parents. The “O-f-t-l-o-G!” parents drove me batshit crazy when they couldn’t keep their schedules straight. These were the kids who were late, got the dates mixed up, or just flat-out forgot to come.

I’m afraid I have become one of those parents.

J has started violin lessons (no, I haven’t blogged about yet, I’m trying to get an “awwwww….” picture first) a couple of weeks ago. He’d been asking for them for 6 months, so even though he’s still two weeks shy of his fourth birthday, he’s taking lessons. His whole body lights up when he gets his violin out of the case.

But I digress.

When we signed up for lessons, I knew there would be 2 Thursdays where he’d be in preschool music camp. And, of course, his lessons were scheduled right over camp. Through a couple of snafus between me, the music school, and the teacher, I totally spaced mentioning it to the teacher until last Wednesday. The day before his second lesson. We couldn’t get that one rescheduled.

And that brings us to today.

Do you think I’ll remember to call the teacher today to reschedule Thursday’s lesson?

Hmm…A was up puking all night (again) and we’re off to the doctor later. I’m a wee bit sleep deprived. I’m taking an adrenal test for my acupuncturist, so I can’t have any caffeine today. And I have many a thing to do today.



  1. Shit! This is nothing. Seriously, when they are in school, about every week you have a “special” day when you have to remember something like – wear ths color, turn in this permission slip, raffle tickets due, volunteer this or that, field trip day, etc. ANd that is the stuff YOU Have to do and remember. Then there is homework and other extracurriculars on top of that. It gets INSANE. And I only have one in Kindergarten and one in First.


  2. Oh boy can I empathize. This afternoon (yes, just TODAY) Jay and I planned to take the kids to the pool. He’s still home limping around and that’s about the extent of what he can handle. At 3:15 I announced I was going in the shower before picking up M at 4. About 4 minutes later, I’m in the shower with shampoo all over my hair when Jay bursts in to ask didn’t Maya have to be picked up early today for speech therapy at 3:30?!? Needless to say he had to bail me out…

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