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What makes me happy
What makes me happy

What makes me happy

In an attempt to regain some perspective this week I am totally ripping this off from Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses. Ten things that make me happy. I’m up to the challenge…

  1. Taking my boys to the movies, just the three of us. We went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid today, ate popcorn, drank sodas, and had a magnificent time. We go so infrequently that it’s a treat to go.
  2. Hearing either A or J sing on pitch, or match a pitch they hear. Those years of Music Together have paid off! I now have completely musically competent sons…who have little to no interest in music. Hmm…I’ll aim for more positivity for the next one.
  3. Hearing Tom laugh, really laugh. Cheers me up.
  4. Making Tom laugh. I know when I truly make him laugh that I’ve said something outrageously funny and that pleases me to no end.
  5. A completely clean house. Organized, dusted, vacuumed, laundry put away. I think I can maybe count on one hand how many times that has happened in the last nine years, but still I hope.
  6. Really good chai. Not too sweet, a little spicy, and hot. None of that iced stuff.
  7. Everything put away and organized. Stuff in the house, stuff on the computer…again, canNOT remember the last time this happened, but I get a little tingle when I think about the possibility. Add a paperless office/house in this. Ahhhhh…..
  8. Dreaming with Tom. Planning out the future like we did when we were first married and childless. When change was scary but cool. And doing it with a smile and a hope.
  9. Playing in a quality wind ensemble. I so miss playing in a wind ensemble, but I truly don’t see it in my future any time soon. I’m not good enough these days for the great groups, and my bullshit tolerance can’t handle playing in a lower quality one. Egotistical? Yup. Also true.
  10. My new computer. I’m still learning how to use it, and a few things try to freak me out (like burning CDs into iTunes and suddenly the CD isn’t recognized by the computer), but I know I can quickly get help with it. Have I named it? Yes, MacDreamy. I can’t remember who suggested that to me here, but it cracked me up and has stayed with me long enough that it’s obviously the right name.

Ok, feeling a bit more under control. Play along. What makes you happy?


  1. JenC

    OK, I’ll play:

    1.The look of pure glee on my son’s face when he figures out something new.
    2.The chance to read a good book …without feeling guilty about all thing things that I should be doing instead..
    3.Being able to zip my skinny jeans for the first time in 2 years. (Still can’t breathe in them, but it’s a start!)
    4.The change of seasons. Crocuses blooming in the yard and robins on the fence. Or gold and red leaves. Or the first snow of the year. Whichever.
    5.When my husband has a “Random Wife Appreciation Day”- takes an unexpected day off, brings me flowers, and takes over kid-detail to give me a day off.
    6.Hearing my son say “Mommy, I love you ten times” while snuggling first thing in the morning.
    7.Having company over for dinner and having them enjoy the food- without realizing that it’s actually low-fat, low-carb tree hugger chow.
    8.A warm cat sleeping on my feet on a cold night.
    9.Going for a family drive in the mountains with no destination in mind… just get up, pack snacks and a lunch, and go. We find the coolest places that way.
    10.Fixing things that are broken… whether that’s one of my son’s toys or taking on the local school board.

  2. Hi There,
    Found you through Hoagies. This is an awesome blog..I loved the Buddy post:) And I love this post as well. I hope you do not mind me ripping it off from you sometime this week for my blog post:))) This is a lot of fun to read and share..:)


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