Nov 12 2012

When the unexpected arrives

Today was a difficult day. Not with the boys, just me. I received some very sad and disturbing news, and I’m still processing it. I am fine, my family is fine, it was just a bludgeoning of the soul and I won’t say any more.

But I will say that tomorrow, my super sensitive son and I are going to have a very rough day.


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  1. kim/TheMakerMom

    I caught wind of the news elsewhere (I think) and I can imagine how hard it is. Hugs all around.

  2. ChiTown Girl

    Whatever it is, I know you’ll be able to handle it.


  3. Robin from Israel

    I’m so sorry, whatever it is. I’m here if you need a “far enough away that I can let it spill out” shoulder.


  4. Ann (frmrly MoCo Mom)

    I’m so sorry to hear about your day. Thinking of you…

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