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Where are we going and how did we get into this handbasket?
Where are we going and how did we get into this handbasket?

Where are we going and how did we get into this handbasket?

Today I will fill up my car and very likely pay $3 a gallon. We live too far from anything to walk or ride bikes, and we’re not on a bus route.

California is burning up, much like Colorado was a few years ago. We’ve been lucky so far knockwoodmylipstoGod’sear.

The pediatric sleep specialist has yet to call us back, so today I get to make some phone calls and be Mama Bear. Yay fun fun.

And last night I had the illegal drug talk with A. I know it’s necessary, and we’ve already talked about how smoking is dangerous (we’ve also talked about how it’s bad form to mention this to the Goth smokers outside public buildings), but it’s still sad that we have to talk to a five year old about bad vs. good drugs. My brother lost a good friend this week to a heroin overdose, how sad is that? So it gave us an “in” to talk to A about it, why his uncle was sad. A didn’t say much about it last night, which I know means he’s thinking about it pretty hard and he’ll bring it up in a few days and have question after question and continue to bring it up until he’s processed it. The only bright side to this, I guess, is that if A or J ever asks if I’ve ever done drugs or smoked, I can say with all honesty “no”. Yes, I’m a charter member of the Cube Club: square on six sides. But I worry about A. I worry that he will experiment with drugs, more than I worry about J. A has a very “hey! let’s try this! and see what happens” personality and that scares me. I guess we can’t start too early with him.

A starts swim lessons this afternoon. We’ll see how he does after the Craisin incident on Tuesday. That’s the only thing we have going on today, so if all else fails, I can come home and duct tape him to the wall and slowly go crazy.

Have a good weekend all! It’s going to be 100+ all this weekend, so we’re playing hermit and staying inside where it’s cool. And with gas at $3 a gallon, there’s really no place I want to go that badly.

Whaddya think?

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