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Where I’ve been
Where I’ve been

Where I’ve been

Sometimes so many things hit all at once with such intensity that you can only hold on and hope for the best. Time flies by, both hours and days disappearing. So it has been for the last two and a half weeks here at the House of Chaos.

  • The book is done. Sweet glory hallelujah, yes! It’s done…except it’s not until it’s printed. But! I’m happy anyway.
  • A and I have had a couple of Come to Jesus meetings over homeschooling. He seems to think that it’s mostly watching videos on whatever his current obsession is, I disagree. We are still hammering out a compromise.
  • Tom and I realized that life is short, dishpan hands crack and bleed, and that we’d rather do damned near anything than a couple hours of dishes every day. Our new dishwasher came on Wednesday and I’ve been doing a happy shake-and-shimmy dance for the last few days.
  • Tom resigned from his job of 12 years and began a new one today. Because the internet is very visible and this blog is no longer as anonymous as it once was, I can only say that it’s a good thing for him. He got tired of being Angry Dad, his patience exhausted by the end of the day. He worked his ass off the last two years to make a difficult situation better and finally came to the conclusion that his family and mental health had to come first.
  • My high school band director is retiring, and I was thrilled to be at his last concert this week. It was like a mini reunion of my old band friends. He taught at that school for 29 years. Dang.
  • I am on the hunt for gainful employment. I am qualified for precisely nada. This does not sit well with my psyche. Or my wallet.
  • While I love my dog, I’m about to “take her to the farm.” She used the basement as her private commode again the other day. Several times. Not all times were…ahem…solid. It’s the only carpet in the house, and it’s brown to boot. Halfway through cleaning it up I ran out of Spot Shot. I borrowed my parents super-sucker-wet-dry-kinda like a carpet cleaner-vacuum…and it broke. I think I’m cursed.
  • I fell off the crazy wagon and hit my head: I am having a yard sale in a couple weeks. I dare you to ask me how prepared I am.

And that’s only partย of the insanity over the last sixteen or so days.

I need a nap.


    1. Jen

      And I totally forgot to add that MacDreamy2 has some sort of itchy rash that is making it run sooooo slooowwwlllyyyy…. So everything takes forever, forever infinity if I’m trying to get to a picture. God FORBID I open iPhoto. ๐Ÿ™

  1. Congrats on the new job. I’m not sure how I feel about it, though, since it was his job that brought you guys back to Chicago! Well, ok, that’s not true, I DO know how I feel about it – I’m SO glad it all happened. Everything happens for a reason, right?

    Congrats, too, on the book. Woo hoo!

    You and I can go on a job hunt together. I’ll email you soon with all the details. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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