Jul 10 2008

Which one?

Twitter or Plurk?



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  1. mrsvierkant

    No idea how to use either. Yeah, I know I’m pathetic. 😀

  2. Andrea

    no idea either. What do you use it for?

  3. Lisa

    How the hell did you even hear of those? I’ve never heard of either, and have no idea what you would do with them. God, I really need to join the 21st century!!!

  4. Dawn on MDI

    Twitter? Plurk?

    Twitter sounds like something that might go on special at Blowfish.com, and Plurk sounds like what happens after my little dog tries to eat a whole bag of Doritos – they get plurked back up onto the carpet in steaming orange piles. Eewwie.

    I honestly have no idea what either one of them really is. My gut tells me that once I learn I shall be obligated to buy some expensive piece of electronic equipment that will be obsolete before I get it out of the store. I’ll wait until it shakes itself out and decide if I need it once the technology price comes down. I’m still smarting from that BETA decision back when.

  5. Robin

    Neither, I’m afraid to start. Blogging is enough of a time-sink, I don’t have the self-discipline to risk another one.

  6. cursingmama

    Neither. Step away from the computer & go knit something so you can join Ravelry!

  7. Beth

    Twitter. It’s the one I’ve heard of.

  8. denise @ EatPlayLove

    neither in my opinion.. i know, unless you want to perfect the point of sharing meaningless things in the least amount of words possible.

    that’s awfully negative, but I don’t quite get the rage. oh well. shouldn’t of asked, me… LOL!

  9. childsplay

    Plurk looks pretty punk rock.

    I tried Twitter, but only got about 2 twits in before I abandoned it in exchange for finding groups on flickr.

  10. Mama Zen

    I’ve never used either. I’m not interesting enough!

  11. Christi

    Twitter is only useful with Twitterific. Never heard of plurk.

  12. Tendrils

    TWITTER!!! COme find me!

  13. Jess

    I use twitter and when it works it i wonderful. Plurk? sounds like something a turd does when it hits toliet water. Just sayin……

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