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Whoring for comments and begging for help
Whoring for comments and begging for help

Whoring for comments and begging for help

Well, just based on my site meter (woohoo! over 100!…it’s the little things that make me happy), people are meandering through here. And I don’t just think it’s Karin and Theresa either. So humor me and leave a note in the comments, it’d make me feel good. ; )

And if you know how to play with Blogger without losing your mind (hmmm…lots of mind losing today apparently), I could use your help. I’d like to be able to respond to people’s comments via email and I’m not able to do that. Surely there’s a way and I just can’t find it. And if there’s a way to add links without manually adding them line by line of code, I’d sure love to know. I’d buy ya a Fat Tire, but the shipping would be outrageous. Any other tips and tricks would also be great, because “help” is less than helpful, especially given that time is fleeting around here.


  1. Karin

    hmmm…I know some people who use blogger use haloscan for comments, but I don’t know much about it beyond that. As for adding links without adding them by hand, I don’t think so. I could be wrong though. It happens once in awhile. 😉

  2. Andrea

    I’m here Jen! Just more of a lurker. No clue on the computer stuff – hoping you get it figured out and can teach us all.

    And don’t worry about those plates – King Soopers is always having a sale on the new fancy paper ones… you know the kind that now lock together to give you a top and a bottom. It’s important to know that you don’t have to do it all, but enjoy what you are doing.

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