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Why I believe in gay marriage
Why I believe in gay marriage

Why I believe in gay marriage

Oh, I’m sure this’ll be quite the post. I’ve had a long day, a large glass of wine, and I’m minutes from bed. Bear with me. And if you don’t like what I have to say, there’s a pretty red X in the upper right hand corner; feel free to use it.

I believe in gay marriage. I believe that consenting adults have the right to be as happy and as miserable as I am in my own marriage. I believe that two consenting adults should have the right to make decisions regarding their lives and the lives of their partners. I do not see how two women or two men in a consenting relationship threatens my marriage. It doesn’t. I have friends who would like to marry, Tom has friends who have married, only to have California take that right away. It is simply a civil rights issue.

There is a young man here in Colorado who is working to get marriage defined as a union between two consenting adults. I’m proud to know him; he’s the son of one of my dearest friends. He and his girlfriend feel so strongly about this that they are working to get this through the legislature. He is 22 years old. There’s also a bill working its way through the state of Maine. I know this because of my blog friend Dawn. She has a very passionate post on her blog, Weldable Cookies. Stumble it, Digg it, scream it to the skies. She writes about this with such passion and eloquence, so much better than I ever could. Her entire post I found myself nodding my head in agreement.

No, I’m not a terribly churchy person. BUT I am a member of  a Lutheran church that is a Reconciling in Christ Community; I would not attend a church of any other belief. But, again, this is a civil rights issue. Read Dawn’s post, she puts it so much better than I could, because she’s living it.

Think long and hard about this. At one time some close friends couldn’t marry…because she is white and he is black. And now they have three beautiful children (truly stunning) and a strong, loving marriage. I want that for any and all consenting adults: the right to marry the person they love, regardless of gender. To be able to raise a family or not. To live together without the fear that they wouldn’t be able to care and provide for the person they love. It’s time for this to be a non-issue.


  1. Amy

    Despite your protests to the contrary, you phrased your sentiments very well. I agree with you 100% It IS time to make this a non-issue.
    Vermont has done well on the gay mariage front, and I am proud of my state for that.:-)

  2. Jen

    Add my AMEN to the list. Keith Olbermann did one of his Special Comment segments about this a while back, and it was so moving, so passionate about the topic, etc………everyone should check it out.

    And my state will be last, let me just predict that now. If we ever get there, we’ll be the last ones, dragged along kicking and screaming. Yay South Carolina………

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