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Will work for OT
Will work for OT

Will work for OT

Pity party, table for one…

In the last 24 hours I have set up speech therapy for J and interviewed a new OT for A. Is this ever going to end? J’s speech therapy is covered by the school district (THANK GOD!), but the occupational therapy A needs isn’t covered by anything. “Isn’t covered” as in the insurance company would laugh itself wet if I filed a claim. Hope they have Depends, ’cause I’m filing it and hoping for the best.

I’ve been doing this therapy drill for almost 2 years now and while I know its value and that it works, I’m really kinda tired of it. I want to be a mom, not a mom/therapist. The cost for A’s OT is high…like, for a year of OT: trip to Disney World high. I could just cry. He needs it, we need him to have it, but the cost is high enough to give me pause. I want to just enjoy my sons, not worry about their various therapies and if they’re working and how much they’re costing. I know there are many other families in worse situations, I really do know that, but this is my pity party right now. I just want everything with my boys to fall into place and be ok. And then be done with it.

I think I’m just going to go back to cleaning the basement and cry while nobody’s looking.

Whaddya think?

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