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Jul 17 2017

Never say never…but this time I mean it

  The universe has laughed and smacked me upside the head every time I’ve ever said “never” about something. Don’t believe me? Never leaving Colorado (HAHAHA! 2011) Never homeschooling (HAHAHA 2012) Never moving again (HAHAHA 2015) See? You’d think I’d learn. I say “never,” the universe takes that as a challenge and cracks its knuckles, …

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Jun 13 2017

Even grownups need blanket forts

A few weeks ago, on the cusp of final exams, one of my flute students came into her lesson, collapsed onto the chair and wearily declared: “When I’m done with finals I’m building a blanket fort and binge-watching Netflix for 12 hours.” It’s been that kind of spring for all of my students. It’s been …

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Mar 12 2017

Silver noisy swear-stick 

I’m a simple pup. I don’t need much. Kibble, belly rubs, a nice poop without anyone watching (AVERT YOUR EYES!!!). I have a pretty good life, which is a good thing for an elderly dog to say. Once upon a time I was a stray, so yeah, I know how good I have it. My family …

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Aug 26 2016

Flashback Friday: I Want to Hug My Poor Self

Being as organized and Type-A as I am, you’d think that my files would be perfect and easy to access. You’d only be half right. I can get to any paper files or anything in Evernote in 30 seconds flat. My digital storage is a dumping ground of nightmarish proportions. If I think about it …

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Jul 14 2016

Midsummer musings

Mid-July and my god I just love summer. It’s hot and humid and sunny and I’m not buried in snow or layers or midwinter gloom. There have not been socks on my feet in weeks. I have hope and happiness and don’t want to run away to warmer climes because I am in warmer climes. My …

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Jul 09 2016

Fifty and counting

My entire life I heard “don’t get married in July, it’s so hot.” So, in my ONLY rebellion against my parents, I got married in July. In their defense, on their wedding day it was nearly a hundred degrees, there was no air conditioning, and times were different then. Times were fifty years ago. Today …

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Jul 06 2016

The Big Two-Oh

It’s kinda cool when you find someone you can be weird with. It’s kinda awesome when you get to marry that person. And it’s really a freaking miracle when you look up one summer’s day and realize you’ve been weird with this other person for 20 years. July 6, 1996. I was a child bride. Young, innocent. …

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Jul 01 2016

The hardest won victories are the sweetest

When you have a challenging, out of the box, G2e child who has never really fit in anywhere and who has been called “the most complex child I’ve ever seen in my life” by countless teachers and therapists and doctors and counselors…the victories earned in traditional society are so much sweeter. Sweet like that first sip …

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Jun 15 2016

A dose of Vitamin Get The F*ck Outside

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately. Last year we spent the spring and summer just watching to see what would pop out of the ground. Watched to see where the sun would fall during the day and season, watched to see where the water pooled and where it ran off quickly, watched to …

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Apr 14 2016


So my baby is 15 today. The boy who made me a mom, who dragged me into the life of giftedness and advocacy and writing, the boy who made Calvin a real life child in my life…is 15. And, of course, he’s still sleeping. He’s become an amazing teen. I enjoy him more now than …

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