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This post doesn’t deserve a title
This post doesn’t deserve a title

This post doesn’t deserve a title

Oh right, now I remember why doing NaBloPoMo is so challenging! It’s every single day for a month! You’d think it’d be in the name or something as a reminder.

Today has been one of those days when the moving parts have to keep moving but they have all seized on each other and moving even one is a Herculean effort that requires more strength and…sigh…fine, I’ll say it…and more lube than you have available. Now my inner 12-year-old boy is giggling and I just don’t have the energy to shush him so we’ll probably get more childish humor sorry not sorry.

I know I did things, I know I went places, I know I talked to people. Judging by the tingle on my lips, I must have finally made the limoncello that’s been steeping for three months (adding simple syrup to taste requires tasting). But damn skippy I feel like I didn’t accomplish anything. There are more than a few things I’m juggling right now that I didn’t expect to join the already busy three ring circus I have going on and I know that’s part of it. Judging by that previous sentence it appears I’ve dropped reasonable sentence structure and I’m just too tired to figure out another way to say the thing so it’s staying.

This weekend Jack and I are heading downstate to my alma mater for a college tour. He’s already been accepted there and we’re visiting his other choice (already accepted as well) next week. He’s uncertain about the whole college thing but he’s more ready than he realizes. He’ll like it and he’ll do well and he’ll grow in ways he can’t even fathom. And then it’ll just be me and Tom staring at each other wondering if the other got the license plate number of the last 21 years that hit us.

‘Twas a day. And now that I have today’s post up, as weak as it is, I can start inching towards bed. Unfortunately for my inner 12-year-old, there was no more titillating humor.

Giggle. I said titillating.

Whaddya think?

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