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Back to College
Back to College

Back to College

We got one kid off to college and boom we’re in the thick of it again.

I’m on the road with Jack tonight, traveling to my alma mater for his college visit. He’s already been accepted here, now it’s to see if it’s somewhere he could live for four years. Next week we travel to the other school that has accepted him for the same inspection. His concern with both? Too far out in the middle of nowhere. Cue heavy eyeroll.

It’s been a wild ride doing the whole college search thing as a parent. It feels like yesterday that I was starting college but according to the calendar it’s been…wait, that can’t be right…30 years.

I…I need a moment.

It’s been a seesaw of “I’m down for college” and “Nah, I’m good fam” so we’ll see what happens. I think he’d love it but what does mom know?

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