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Feb 25 2018

Sometimes you just gotta make yourself laugh

I am a huge fan of mocking the absurd and annoying. Blog name checks out. So when I want to whine about the irritating crap of life, I dig deep and find a way to poke fun at it. Not at people, because I’m not an asshole, but at life. Yesterday I found myself running errands …

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Jun 23 2016

Parenting Teenagers

Don’t you wish there was a magazine all about parenting teenagers? Kinda like the mags you’d read in the middle of the night, nursing an infant? Fear not! I mocked one up for you! Enjoy.

Oct 26 2015

From annoying to absurd

The other day I had to buy printer ink. I tend to run the printer dry, get pissy that printouts have all the color saturation of glass, and eventually make the trek for replacements. After shelling out the cost of a fancy dinner, I posted this to my Facebook wall: (Thanks to my friend Elizabeth …

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Sep 24 2015

Living with a teenage troll, the sequel

Give me strength. I mean, for chrissakes, it was my birthday. And, on the 42nd anniversary of my entrance onto this planet, I spent a huge amount of time in the car, driving Andy to and from a birthday party a million miles away. And how does my beloved firstborn son thank his long-suffering mother, on her …

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Aug 23 2015

Living with a teenage troll

My sons never fail to entertain me. They went on a road trip last week with my parents, gone for a handful of days to visit the Ford Museum in Michigan. Tom and I had an unexpected few days alone together. We hardly knew what to do (get your mind out of the gutter, that we …

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Jan 06 2015

Let me tell you about…meeting your child where he is

The most vulnerable place for a woman is flat on her back, wrapped in an ill-fitting paper gown, feet in stirrups, butt waving in the air. Oh sure, childbirth is maybe a BIT higher on the vulnerability chart, especially with the revolving crowd of health attendants, but there’s more going on there. An action scene, …

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Dec 17 2014

There’s a laugh around here somewhere

I don’t think I have seen the sun in over a week. Winter in Chicago has arrived. Incessant gloom and chill and dark and please tell me the sun is visiting you, wherever you are. My Happy Lamp is on ten hours a day and not touching the melancholy, I’m pounding hot tea to keep my sanity …

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Nov 03 2014

Music that classical stations should never play before 10 am or a pot of coffee

Every morning I haul my poor tired butt out of bed, haul other poor tired little butts out of bed, and curse the morning start the day. Because I have music playing nearly 24/7 here, I usually click on over to WFMT, Chicago’s classical music station, to start the day off right. The station has …

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Jun 25 2014

It’s just like that

  It’s just like this. Only the blocks are one big chunk of solid cement, I am crushed beneath it, and the boys are wrestling and jumping on top while the dog barks and farts with impunity. The pencil is out of reach, the paper is soaking wet, and the lightbulb has burnt out. My …

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May 19 2014

{GHF blog hop} You must be 21 to read this post

I’ve joked for years that parents with a gifted or twice-exceptional child in their care need their own private vineyard. I’ve also been heard to comment that wine should come out of a third tap on the kitchen sink. And I may have, once or twice, indicated that my roundtables on 2e for the Chicago …

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