Mar 08 2009


Did you mess up your internal clock screw with your kids’ sleeping habits set your clock forward an hour today? If not, you’re likely late for something.

Enjoy the extra hour of evening sunlight and go grill something. Except for Dawn, who is buried under a winter’s worth of snow and ice. Send warm thoughts her way, and a ticket to Bermuda, if that’s in your budget.


  1. Dawn on MDI

    You are too sweet! Yesterday we hit the 50-degree mark, and today we have done it again. I’m nearly looking around for the coppertone. This is marvelous stuff – outdoors in short sleeves and loving it!

  2. RC

    I have the child that won’t sleep. This has totally messed with him – and it doesn’t help that he has a cold, too.

  3. Cathy

    the spring forward completely messed up my kids! I hope they get used to it soon!

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