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168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 1
168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 1

168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 1

So I’m doing the 168 Hours Challenge again. If you recall, or if you don’t, I did it in June and came away with a pretty good idea of where my time went. The difference this time is that the cherubs are in school six and one half hours a day, so you’d think I’d be able to get more accomplished. Oh, we will see, yes we will indeed see.

6:30 am – Alarm off, pray for IV drip of Breakfast Blend, fall back asleep because the 90 minutes of tossing and turning the night before took a toll and frankly I’m sick to death of the random insomnia!

6:45 am – Haul sorry self out of bed. Dress for gym. Consider skipping gym for a nap. Catch a glimpse of ass in mirror and resume dressing for gym.

7:00am – Make extra large pot of coffee. Stand over it as though glaring will cause water to boil faster.

7:05am – Praise Juan Valdez and his family past, present, and future. Consider renewing vows at Starbucks. Give up notion of eating coffee beans like cereal.

7:10 am – Feed dog. Bask in her worship. Tolerate the lip smacking, the post-meal belch, and the crotch-cleaning dessert.

7:15 am – Plan out the day. Other than Must Hit Gym Or Ass Will Take Over The House, nowhere to go. Silently cheer the makeup-less, bra-optional day. Appreciate that boys are miraculously still asleep. Sit and think and gulp coffee and revel in the early morning silence.

7:30 am – Make lunches and curse self that it didn’t get done the night before. Make breakfast for A.

8:10 am – Make and eat breakfast while playing Words With Friends on the iPhone. Realize that WWF before a full pot of coffee is a fantastic way to lose and lose badly.

8:30 am – Realize that J is not out of bed yet, still needs a shower and breakfast, and should be walking out the door in 15 minutes. Gulp more coffee, start “encouraging” sons to move faster. Make breakfast for J. Kick them out the door.

9:00 am – Savor one last cup of sanity coffee over a few blogs.

9:15 am – Head to gym.

9:30 am – Realize it’s tough to suck in your gut while working out.

10:40 am – Head home. No visible sign of ass shrinkage, so must return tomorrow.

11:00 am – Shower. Ahhhh….

11:30 am – Lunch

12 noon – Talk to mom on the phone. Attempt to convince her that yesterday’s blog post doesn’t mean I’m losing my mind; the mind is already lost, now it’s just being kicked around in the dirt.

12:20 pm – Move operations from kitchen desk to office desk in the basement. This is more involved than one might think.

12:40 pm – Catch up on a few job-related issues, but as it’s a part-time/as-needed position, no actual work today.

12:50 pm – Talk to hubby while he makes lunch.

12:55 pm – Balance checkbook. Grimace. Make note to find additional part-time work or get a tummy tuck so as to turn tricks on Colfax.

1:00 pm – Read a few blogs. Breeze through Twitter. Glance at Facebook. Scowl at to-do list and add a few more items.

1:10 pm – Start writing what is hoped to be witty and amusing and helpful blog posts.

1:30 pm – Take a short break, for the morning coffee and the afternoon iced tea are in cahoots and refuse to let me sit for longer than a half hour before demanding to be noticed and…ahem…removed from the premises. Fold previous day’s laundry; the angels collectively pass out from shock that this chore was actually accomplished before the next laundry day.

1:55 pm – Scan email, Facebook, and Twitter. The world is still spinning. Good to know.

2:00 pm – Volunteer work, including a 30 minute search for an online file that no longer exists.

2:30 pm – Blog reading/commenting while waiting for aforementioned missing file to be emailed to me.

2:50 pm – Give up waiting on file. Return to something more productive, like writing.


4:05 pm – Send off a project with a deep sigh of relief. Check emails. Move operations from basement office back up to kitchen desk. Clean kitchen.

4:20 pm – Emails. More writing. Referee boys. Make dinner. Emails. Wine.

6:10 pm – Dinner.

7:10 pm – Wrangle A through some homework as I do my own “homework” on MacDreamy2. My homework consists of answering emails and improving this here little piece of the interwebz.

8:00 pm – Argue children into bed. Pray for compliance.

8:15 pm – Return phone calls. More emails (good Lord, they’re worse than effin’ rabbits). Rearrange schedule and action items for tomorrow.

9:00 pm – Facebook IM with a friend.

9:15 pm – Talk to mother in law.

9:30 pm – Finish this unholy novel of a post and get the damned thing up already (that’s what she said! Yes, channeling my inner 12 year old boy).

9:40 pm – Make lunches, make coffee, grab mindless reading material and crash into bed, praying that tossing and turning for 90 minutes before the blessed release of sleep isn’t on the evening’s agenda for the umpteenth night.


Whaddya think?

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