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168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 2
168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 2

168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 2

I really have a love/hate relationship with this challenge. I love that I can see where my time is going and that I get a lot more done when I’m aware of time. I hate that I apparently fritter away my time when I’m not keeping a log. Same stupid problem I have with what I eat. Blerg.

6:30 am – Slap the alarm off.

7:15 am – Haul sorry self out of bed and stumble downstairs for the coffee I wisely prepared the night before. Mindlessly eat something while staring at headlines on iPhone. Get pears into the crockpot for the pear butter that will be canned tonight.

8:00 am  – Make J breakfast (A had already eaten). Clean kitchen. Inhale more coffee.

8:30 am – Write post for Colorado Bento.

8:45 am – Throw boys to the wolves out the door to school. Get dressed in yoga togs.

9:00 am – Drive to yoga. Laugh at the notion of achieving mindfulness as the day’s activities run through the mind. Mutter at the slow drivers.

9:30 am – Yoga. Yes, it really does take 30 minutes to get there. The teacher’s worth it.

11:15 am – Class got out late. Drive home. Stop at the library.

12 noon – Shower. Ahhhh….

12:30 pm – Lunch while catching up on emails, Facebook, blogs, and Twitter.

1:15 pm – Return phone calls.

1:17 pm – Realize with horror that I have a meeting at 5:30 and nothing is planned for dinner. Defrost pork chops enough to pry them apart and chuck into the crockpot on high. Offer up a prayer to the slowcooker gods that no one gets trichinosis.

1:30 pm – Start this post.

1:45 pm – Return more phone calls. Answer emails. Realize with a little joy tinged with horror that I’ll be volunteering in J’s classroom tomorrow instead of hitting the gym. The ass lets out an evil chortle.

2:00 pm – Balance books. Review budget. Consider making a face but know that it could stay that way.

2:10 pm – Start Big Hairy Project for a non-profit. Pray that MacDreamy2 will make it easy on me.

2:10:30 pm – And of course the phone rings, disturbing my intense concentration. Talk to my boss about the part-time job and plans for the next week. Relieved I didn’t make a face at the budget.

2:15 pm – Back to Big Hairy Project.

2:30 pm – Call person connected with Big Hairy Project for details. Then commiseration. Then idle chitchat.

2:50 pm – Back to Big Hairy Project.

3:05 pm – Stare in stunned amazement as Big Hairy Project shrank to Teeny Tiny Project. MacDreamy 2, I love you so veryvery much. Then laugh as Teeny Tiny Project got hung up on printing. Murphy’s Law is in da houz!

3:25 pm – Zip through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and emails.

3:45 pm – Boys return home with the force of a Category 5 Hurricane. With two friends. Mass chaos and trumpet-attempting ensue.

4:00 pm – Make GF baked goods. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs. Holler at the hordes of boys acting like poop-flinging monkeys on crack.

5:00 pm – Meeting.

7:00 pm – Return from meeting.

7:01 pm – Go back out to pick up prescription I forgot to pick up on the way home.

7:30 pm – Get kids moving towards bed, go through mail, start prepping for canning aforementioned pear butter.

8:00 pm – Can the pear butter, eat dinner.

As for the rest of it, trust that my night will round out with making lunches, prepping coffee, and attempting to read something before my brain laughs and checks out. Oh, and maybe even pounding out a post for tomorrow that doesn’t involve a time schedule. What I learned today? I spent a lot of time doing this and that and that and this. A big chunk of time working out, and another big chunk of time at a meeting. Hm. Some of that can be fixed, some of that not so much.

Whaddya think?

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