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168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 4
168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 4

168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 4

Hooboy, I’m learning where my time is going here! And I’m also getting lazy about keeping track. Hm.

6:30 am – Alarm off.

7:15 am – Haul sorry self out of bed, get coffee, breakfast over email, blogs…all while prodding the boys to get ready for school.

9:00 am – Shower.

9:30 am – Clear desk, make bread, desk work

11:00 am – Lunch.

12 noon – Swim class. Learned that not swimming for over 20 years is painful when you return. Lost track of how many lengths I’m sputtered through.

1:30 pm – Drool at the kitchen table and attempt to recover.

1:45 pm – Get printing for event Non-Profit #1 is doing on Saturday.

3:00 pm – More recovering. Truly dragging.

3:30 pm – Go get CSA veggies.

4:15 pm – Desk work, emails, go through school folders.

6:00 pm – Dinner.

7:00 pm – Homework. Lucky me, got to stick my finger in a cup of owl puke. Jealous?

7:30 pm – Crash on couch. Do nothing of value, all computer puttering. Not proud of this, but too wiped to really care.

9:00 pm – Start this post. Realize that crap, have to make lunches NOW because exhaustion is setting in and there will be no time to make them in the morning. Also, no food in the house.

Hm. Today wasn’t a great time management day. Sigh.

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