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168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 3
168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 3

168 Hours Challenge Redux Day 3

My God I’m tired. Nothing in particular I’m doing, just the random insomnia catching up to me. Busy day today…

6:30 am – Smack off alarm.

6:45 am – Wish coffee pot was on the bedside table. Shower.

7:30 am – Breakfast, make lunches. Curse myself for not making them the night before.

8:30 am – Emails, blogs.

9:30 am – Volunteer in 1st grade classroom. Come away with a great deal of empathy for J’s teacher. Twenty-five kids in the class, ranging from kids who mix up the letters in “at,” to my son reading Harry Potter. Make mental note to email her and new GT coordinator.

11:00 am – Lunch. While the book Packing for Mars by Mary Roach is awesome, I do not recommend reading the section on NASA’s investigations into motion sickness and vomit while eating. Learn from me, my children.

11:45 am – Read blogs.

12:15 pm – Clean kitchen.

12:45 pm – Errands

1:30 pm – Meeting for GT non-profit. Realize halfway through the meeting that I’m not actually assisting the membership chair, I’m actually the membership chair. Try not to hyperventilate.

3:00 pm – Return phone calls, emails.

3:30 pm – Snuggle with the boys.

4:00 pm – Snacks, more unwinding (haven’t felt all that great today).

4:30 pm – Oversee homework. Someone please put me out of my misery.

6:00 pm – Dinner.

6:30 pm – Fold laundry.

7:00 pm – Scout meeting; wait at library with MacDreamy2. Realize I love being at the library with MacDreamy2 and make plans for the three of us to get together more often.

8:15 pm – Make lunches (see, I can be taught!) and coffee. Feed small ravenous boys a bedtime snack. Realize Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are getting bare.

8:45 pm – Read to boys and tuck them in.

9:15 pm – Start this post.

9:30 pm – Hit publish.

9:31 pm – Put a fork in me, I’m don….zzzzzzzzzzzz

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