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#168Hours Challenge: Day One
#168Hours Challenge: Day One

#168Hours Challenge: Day One

Good news: I fixed my email. Bad news: took for-freaking-ever. Good news: I am now gainfully employed and start on Wednesday. Bad news: OHMYGODIHAVEAJOBANDHOWTHEHELLAMIGOINGTOFITITIN????

Enter the 168 Hours Challenge. Let’s see how today looked, mkay?

6:30 am: Growl at iPhone alarm clock, take Synthroid, turn back over in bed
8:00 am: Finally haul butt out of bed (hey, it’s summer!), have breakfast (oh coffee, how I love thee)
8:30 am: Boys finally stumble downstairs as I contemplate checking for pulses, make them breakfast
9:00 am: Shower, make the bed, start some laundry, plan the day
10:00 am: Start blog post
10:10 am: Holy crap, I forgot to make lunches…make lunches
10:30 am: Rec center, where I truly feel every second of missing the last three weeks of weight-lifting
12:00 noon: Lunch with the boys at the rec center, return video to the library across the parking lot
12:55 pm: Drop boys off at Lego Camp and stumble to the car (worked legs today)
1:00 pm: Run errands. Run more errands. Contemplate hiring assistant to run errands for me
2:45 pm: Household stuff
3:00 pm: Check emails (hey! still broken!), return phone calls
3:45 pm: Get boys from camp
4:15 pm: Try to fix email, more phone calls
4:45 pm: Write blog post
5:30 pm: Blog reading in reader
5:45 pm: Dinner
6:45 pm: Prep detox-diet-approved (sigh) foods for tomorrow, clean kitchen
7:45 pm: Return phone call, become gainfully employed
8:00 pm: Kiss boys goodnight (oh, thank you Tom, for herding them through showers!)
8:20 pm: Finish decorating the living room vases that were only a seven year search
8:30 pm: Fixing email (Thank you, Dr. Google, and the very generous forums, for the PITA INSTRUCTIONS TO FIX A MACINTOSH!!!)
9:30 pm: Facebook play
9:40 pm: Start this blog post
I fully intend for the rest of this evening to say:
10:oo pm: Finish blog post, have a snack because this detox diet sucks and damn I want a glass of wine
10:15 pm: Crawl into bed to read a mindless magazine because that’s all that’s left in ye olde brain
10:30 pm: Turn off light and pass.out.

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