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Princess, we hardly knew ye
Princess, we hardly knew ye

Princess, we hardly knew ye

Well, it didn’t take long. Just an extra ten days or so. Princess the PMSing Laptop is thisclose to being sold for parts, I just need to talk to my PC Guru again tomorrow afternoon to get the whole story. I finally got it and my EHD to my Guru yesterday, because they still weren’t talking. The EHD is fine, the OS hard drive is fine, the hard drive with all the files on it is toast. Not expecting that. I am so pissed I could spit nails and breathe fire. The computer is three years old and this will be the SECOND time I would need to replace that hard drive. I’ve already done both hard drives once, the DVD/CD tray, and the motherboard because the POS got so hot things melted. Yes, melted. Guru smelled smoke when he opened the case. Everything was still under warrantee then, so a PITA, but no prob.

Remember? Warrantee expired a week and a half ago. I did not renew.

We leave in 36 hours for several days in Iowa. I will be computerless, which means I will be frantically writing posts for NaBloPoMo in advance. I will not fail at that because of my POS laptop. Tom is on a business trip until tomorrow afternoon, I should be packing and prepping for the trip. Instead I’m writing, pricing out new Macs, and checking out the black market going rate for kidneys.

So! A poll!

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Ahh…technology. Designed to make our lives easier and failing miserably.


  1. Theresa

    Um…I was gonna suggest running to buy a PC, but I see that’s not an option. 😉

    All I know is this – I have never owned a Mac. I’ve never had any real PC problems. My kids use Macs at school. I have never heard them or one teacher say a good thing about a Mac. But, to each their own.

    Being without a computer/laptop sucks. Period. Sorry you are having such a sucky time. 🙁

  2. If you go to the Apple store online there’s a place you can purchase refurbished laptops at a reduced price. I bought Paco’s laptop there last Christmas and it’s been a dream ever since. He’s not good at system updates and we all know how much of a PITA Finale can be on Mac’s, never once crashed it. The warranty is the same as on a brand new one and you can still get the extended if you desire.

    Good luck Jen!

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