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Mildly brain fried
Mildly brain fried

Mildly brain fried

I had several topics in mind for today. And then Princess half-croaked on me. She’s back home, grumpy about the overnight stay with the Guru, but resting comfortably. Tom and I need to talk about what to do next, either replace her or fix the hard drive and replace her this spring. As much as I hate to pour more money into this miserable piece of work, I also hate to buy a computer right before Christmas.

In the meantime, my brain fried. Two weeks of single parenting, delivering Cub Scout popcorn, book reports and homework, being out nearly every night last week…they all conspired to drive me batty.

The time for a deep, well-thought out post passed at about 2:00 today, three hours before Princess was ready to be picked up. Now I’m slightly crazed, packing for tomorrow and catching up with all the work that didn’t get accomplished while Princess was hooked up to life support.

A better post tomorrow? Don’t count on it, I’ll be in the middle of Nebraska. I’ll be lucky to get a worse filler post than this one up.


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