where wildly different is perfectly normal

Even the paranoid can have enemies.

Even the hypochondriac can get sick.

And even the mom who is looked at as being too involved and concerned and worried about her son’s health and well-being can be right.

A’s appointment at the sleep clinic was yesterday. The doctor (yes, the doctor himself, I almost dropped the damned phone) called today with his blood results. A has very, very low iron stores. The way the doctor put it was if we just did a regular blood test on him it would come back as normal. But they tested his iron stores, the iron savings account. Very low. Very low iron stores can manifest itself in poor sleep. So A will be taking iron supplements for the next three months. In addition he’ll have another sleep study to see if there’s something else going on, and we have to keep a sleep log for two weeks. The doctor mentioned that many parents notice a big difference in sleep within a few days after starting the iron supplements. So Please GOD! We can’t be stretched much further, let this be the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. cursingmama

    I hope this is it – but you know me, I’ve got have worries….
    I’m worried about the side affects of increasing iron. Okay, I’m worried about the pooping 😉
    I’m hoping you don’t scrapbook something about concrete poop.
    Was that too much?

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