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Don’t cry over spilt non-dairy soy or rice-based beverage
Don’t cry over spilt non-dairy soy or rice-based beverage

Don’t cry over spilt non-dairy soy or rice-based beverage

We’ve decided to take A off of all dairy and see what happens. It’s no surprise, really, just surprising that we didn’t do it in December when it was recommended to us. He’s always had an issue with milk. When I nursed, if I had any dairy, he was inconsolable. He had to take soy formula. Two years ago we had some soy milk in the fridge and gave it to him ’cause I won’t touch it (blech). It was amazing the difference in his behavior; he was noticeably calmer, not bouncing off the walls, we didn’t want to duct-tape him to the floor. O-kay. So we did soy milk for awhile and then gave him a tiny bit of regular ole’ milk from Bessie the cow. Back to hyper. Wow. Talked to the pediatrician, who had no real answer for me but said, hey, if you notice a difference, no point in going back to Bessie milk. So he’s been on soy or rice milk pretty much for the last two years, but still eating Bessie milk cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. All that is out. Any kind of dairy is out. If it comes from a cow’s wiggly bits, it’s not going into him. Why all of a sudden? Lots of little things all at once. With his tonsillectomy, he’s been eating a crap-load of dairy: ice cream, pudding, yogurt, soft cheese. I.Have.Wanted.To.Duct.Tape. Him.To.A.UPS.Truck. (Have fun with that, Google searchers!) His behavior is out of control. Tolerance/frustration level is somewhere below zero. Pain level is better, but still higher than normal. So he is completely off Bessie. And already it’s a pain in the ass. The reason we didn’t cut it all out last winter is because of the hassle. Yes, I’ll stand and accept with humility and embarrassment my “Bad Mommy of the Week” award, I have it coming. So today I dragged off my two charming sons to Wild Oats in search of non-dairy foods. Holy Crap. Sixty-five dollars later I had two bags of groceries. Two! For fifteen dollars more I can get a cart-load at the local grocery store! See how much non-dairy and vegan food I’ve purchased in my life!? So this is the grand experiment. Cut out the dairy and see if A is more (Oh Lord, forgive me for saying this) tolerable. School starts next week. He can’t be bouncing off the walls. Wonder how non-dairy mac ‘n cheese tastes? Bleh.

And if you’ll excuse me, I have a sitter to go pick up. My husband and I actually have a date tonight!

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