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2e Tuesday: NAGC convention week
2e Tuesday: NAGC convention week

2e Tuesday: NAGC convention week

Brown Cardboard BackgroundWow, Jen! A 2e Tuesday! How’d you pull that off?

Shaddup, mean little head-voice. I’ve been busy, and Tuesdays just kept sneaking up on me and I wouldn’t have a topic planned and I didn’t want to do a half-assed job so I’d just do something else (if anything) and you know, just stuff it and enjoy this. It ain’t much but it’s something.

Over in my home/adopted state of Colorado, the National Association of Gifted Children is gathering for its annual convention. It’s Thursday through Sunday, with a Parent Day run by the Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented on Saturday. When I first learned last year that it was going to be in Denver, I was all gung-ho about attending. Then I caught the price tag, and then NAGC kinda ticked me off, and so here I am in freezing cold Chicago this week instead. On the bright side, my bed has an electric blankie, and hotels haven’t caught on to that little piece of awesome yet.

I’m very curious to see what comes out of this year’s convention. Last year NAGC released their Bold New Direction (aka Sputnik Rising…not my words, but too good not to share), emphasizing talent development over support of the whole gifted being. There was just a wee bit of a backlash (not the only response, but the most eloquent I could find this late at night).

What do I hope to see come out of this convention? Increased support for parents gets my top vote. Not just lip service, or asking for money, but true support of the men and women raising these incredible kids. It ain’t easy, folks. How about recognition of twice-exceptionality and the complex needs therein. Nowhere in Sputnik Rising the Bold New Direction is there acknowledgement of 2e. And finally, a return to focusing on gifted children, as that is in the organization’s name. If there is no return to that (won’t somebody think of the children!?), NAGC might as well change its name.

So there ya go. I’m sure there will be all sorts of tidbits throughout the week coming from Denver, and hopefully I agree with some of them. I do know the Parent Day will be worth it to anyone who attends, as it is sponsored by CAGT and they put on an awesome Parent Day every year. Wish I could be there.

That’s it? A snarky little post about a convention? You’re just bummed you can’t be there, that’s all.

Yep, yup, and you have no idea. Go to bed, mean little head-voice. You get cranky when you’re tired.

Whaddya think?

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