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For the last several months I’ve been all whiny and complainy about not having enough time to do all the things I want and need to do. Things like exercise and catching up on work and cleaning the house and, oh, fun things like reading blogs. I’ve figured out where all the time has gone.


I bought my laptop last November and since then I’ve had it in the shop three times. Once to replace the hard drive, once to install Vista (^%^&*&!#), and again this last week to reinstall Vista because it was apparently corrupted. I’ve now had to set up my computer four times in the last year. You know, little things like importing favorites, making sure all my contacts and emails made the trek, reinstalling all my programs. I finally got iTunes fixed a couple of weeks ago and now I get to do it all again.

I’m so not happy. KnockwoodmylipstoGod’sear I haven’t lost any data because of all of this, but I’ve lost hours of my life. And this isn’t counting the hours I’ve spent trying to fix the problems before throwing in the towel and just taking in the stinking machine.

This should be the end of it. Once I finish getting everything up and running, all should be well. And I should return to fun things like exercise and cleaning my house and reading others’ blogs. I’ve missed it.

Whaddya think?

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