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A-HA, part deux
A-HA, part deux

A-HA, part deux

The couple of comments I’ve gotten about my latest computer trauma have gently suggested I move over to Mac. Trust me, I’ve thought about it…as in, “if this stupid thing doesn’t get fixed this time, I’m moving over to the Dark Side.” I have a love/hate relationship with Apple. On one hand, I adore my iPod more than words can express and am deeply saddened that they didn’t exist when I was in music school because it would have made my life immeasurably easier. I look at the iPhone or the iPod Touch and I get lightheaded. Sexy technology does that to me.

But I have had nothing but trouble with Mac computers. Trouble that makes this current computer trouble look piddlin’. See, I was raised in a PC home. Schools had Apple. I had a PC in college (really, not much more than a glorified word processor), married an Apple. I’ve played both sides here and was fine with it.

Eight or nine years ago we got a Blue Bondi iMac and I’m still recovering from the trauma. That sucker crashed if you looked at it cross-eyed. Heck, it crashed if you walked in the room. Not just a little burp of a crash, but a projectile vomiting blank screen of a crash. I did more IT on that damned thing. I zapped the pram, I defragged the hard drive, I held seances to find out WTF was wrong with it. Software wouldn’t work on it, I couldn’t download anything from the internet, and it was s.l.o.w. My parents finally took pity on us after a couple of years and got us a PC laptop and we haven’t looked back. Last summer the iMac took an unfortunate tumble off a table onto our hot water heater (thank you so much, A) and didn’t survive the experience. The hot water heater? Dented but functional.

Tom uses a PC for work, A uses PCs in school, so does J. All of our software is for PCs. I had a terrible experience with an iMac and it scarred me for life. ; ) I know an iMac would be a loved addition to our home, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Unless this laptop zonks out on me yet again…

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