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All new year, all new So and Fragments…
All new year, all new So and Fragments…

All new year, all new So and Fragments…

Mommy's Idea

Dear So and So...

Dear 2010,
I’ve been waiting for you! Come in, come in. Coffee? Mimosa? Let’s snuggle and share our hopes and dreams! So glad you’re here. I have such plans for the two of us, such plans. Just don’t dick with me like 2009 did.
Loving you like fresh sheets on the bed,


Dear New Decade,
Double digits. Two hands. Big kid now. You’re not a little guy anymore, so it’s time to knock off the first decade tantrums and the whining and man up. The first ten years were miserable for pretty much everyone I know. I started off the aughts with a miscarriage, ended it with worry-induced insomnia over my eight year old son. It’s time for the economy to strengthen, for health and happiness for everyone I know, and for everything concerning my oldest son to make sense already. I’m sure it’s not too much to ask for things to be fun and happy for awhile now.
Filled with hope for the next ten years,
The woman who wants a great teenaged decade


Dear Tom,
Sorry you weren’t feeling so hot this morning after the three glasses of wine you had last night (you lightweight, you). Sorry I didn’t share my tip for preventing the feeling of truck bumper application to your head several thousand times (two ibuprofin and a huge glass of water before bed, then another huge glass of water before you get out of bed), but I figured everyone knew that trick. Then again, you don’t have my family constitution/heritage (go Irish!); don’t think the Danish can keep up. You whupped my ass at Monopoly this afternoon, so let’s call it even.
Feeling great despite the 5 glasses of wine and all the rum cake last night,
That Irish woman you married


Dear Full/Blue Moon,
Hate you with the passion of a thousand blazing suns,
She who has not slept well for days and has had to deal with cracked out boys during an extended winter break


Dear Princess the PMSing Laptop,
I’m so sick of you I am considering getting a job just so I can drop kick you off the nearest f*cking bridge. Any other income would be gravy at this point. You have new hard drives, were at the Computer Spa for two weeks (!), and now your CD/DVD drive kicks the bucket? I haven’t had a chance to figure it out yet; you sure as hell better hope I just need to update a driver. OH, and the funky clicky sound from the brand new hard drive must.stop.now.
Not spending another frakking dollar on you,


A very happy New Year to everyone who visits here. May you have a healthy and prosperous year, with everything going your way. Blessings to you in 2010!


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