Jan 21 2010

I could get used to being pampered

Last night Mile High Mamas hosted a night out at Boulder’s Sephora. Now, I’m not a girly-girl…one look at me will pretty much tell you that. I wear makeup to keep from frightening animals and small children, and shoes are for keeping my feet off the pavement, not to make a style statement. Yes, please insert your snarky Crocs comment here. I do know how to dress well, but would rather wear jeans and a top than part with my remaining brain cells to try to do more than that. God help me if I actually do find some sort of part-time job that requires me to be more professional. I can do it, but there will be much gnashing of teeth involved. I got away with khakis and loafers as a band director…not so sure I could pull that off in an office setting.

So anyhoo, I attended the MHM shindig in Boulder last night. The Apple Store next store to Sephora nearly pulled me in with its shining, promising hope of a better computing tomorrow (soon, my precious, soon…), but I stayed strong and avoided its siren call. (Yes, I would prefer to drop money there than on cosmetics, I admit it). Despite my non-girly girl status and comfy shoe preference, I had a fantastic time last night. I got a hand massage with extra lotion, because my hands went all sponge on the poor lady and sucked it all in (that would be the loud slurping sound everyone heard last night). I had a facial with the Clarisonic skincare brush (nice and soft, and I glowed afterwards). I had makeup applied. I found a lipcolor I not only liked but would wear and it came home with me (seriously, I never wear lipstick. Ever. Too many years of lip balm as a flute player. But this was a fantastic lip gloss, not too shiny, in a lovely color (sandy), and it tingled and made my scrawny lil’ lips plump up. Win win.). I had a professional head shot taken at a “Tom will not kill me because we’re trying to cut back” price. I really needed the head shot; my last one is at least ten years old and I’m holding a flute. Not exactly up to date.

I got pampered. And I liked it.

Many thanks to Mile High Mamas and Sephora for hosting the gathering last night. I had a wonderful time with all the moms there, and can’t wait for the next event. I hear it has something to do with wine. Now that is my kind of event!


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  1. Missy

    Yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm. Me likey.

  2. Robin from Israel

    Sounds utterly divine. After 12 straight days of sick kids (and counting, we’re not done yet) I need a moms night out more than I need oxygen. Seriously.


  3. cms8741

    What a treat!!!! I’ll withhold my snarky crocs comment. You only get one a week from me at most. 😉

  4. ella

    Good for you!!

  5. ChiTown Girl

    Someone is a wee bit jealous….

  6. Karin

    Sephora is right next to the Apple Store in my mall, too. It’s like tech/girlie girl nirvana…lol!

  7. denise

    Maybe I could show up and ask for a raincheck. I need that clarisonic skin care buffer thingee done to my face. I’m bummed I missed out.

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