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And it’s done
And it’s done

And it’s done

Note: I was going to write a charming little ditty in defense of Costco after reading Michelle’s post on her love/hate relationship with the place. And then I went there this afternoon and left after paying with part of my spleen. And perhaps a lung lobe. But no gas and no liquor store…darned oldest son had to get to swimming.

But I digress.

It’s over. It can all stop now, because I have made my mark. So quit the gritching, end the nonsense, everyone just shut.the.eff.up.already.

I voted today.

Through the miracle that is a mail-in ballot, I made my selections over lunch, making my list and checking it twice, jumped through the legal hoops, and dropped the damned thing in the mail after swimming. My job is done.

And lest you all think I’m only concerned with the Presidential election, I’ll have you know that I do not have an Obama sign in my front yard. I have a “vote for more money for the schools or so help me I’ll ensure my sons pick out your nursing home” sign. Yes, our school district is asking for a mill levy override and a bond issue. You know, for the small details of paying our teachers a decent wage and building facilities that will actually hold all the kids. A’s new school opened 100 kids over capacity this fall. And that’s without open enrollment…that means every single one of the kids in the school are attending their home school. We need more facilities. And our local middle school was built nearly 100 years ago; it’s in dire need of updating.

So, come November 4th, I’ll be anxiously awaiting many results. National, regional, and local. But my job is done.

I voted.


  1. good for you! I’d love to know what the questions were on that long-ass ballot – is there a link somewhere? I’m too pooped to go searching right now. I hear your ballot this year had more questions on it than the standard U.S. Citizenship exam. What’s up with that? Rule by referendum? Kinda clunky way to do things, I’d think.

  2. We mail our ballots in as standard voting in my county. It’s been sitting on my table for two days and it seems so official to fill it out that I feel like I need to save it for a better time. S’pose there’s no time like the present!

  3. Well, hubby got home from vacation yesterday so the McCain sign made its way to the forefront againt. But I have neighbors on my side now because they will actually come over and move it behind the Obama signs when he’s not looking.

    Way to go on the early voting girl!

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