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Ask Jen Anything, part 2
Ask Jen Anything, part 2

Ask Jen Anything, part 2

And so I continue to answer random questions (and will still take more! Lurkers…hint, hint). See, it’s either answer questions I’ve saved, or whine about my bifocals again, or that my boys are roller skating in the house, or the fact that it’s a full moon and SWEET BABY ZOMBIE JESUS THE FULL MOON WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!


My dear friend Renee asks: What moment from your past was your defining moment?  Where did your sense of humor (I actually see it as a sense of truth, just happens to be funny) come from?  What’s the deal with jumbo shrimp?

My defining moment? Wow. I think it’s when I picked up the flute when I was nine. No foolin’. From there I ended up in music school, met my husband, and here I am. And…now it kinda frightens me that my most defining moment occurred when I was A’s age. If he’s having HIS defining moment right now, I shudder to think of what it might be.

My sense of humor/truth? It is born out of a need to stay sane. Laugh to keep from screaming, that sort of thing. I believe all humor has more than a kernel of truth to it. Besides, finding the funny is more fun than dwelling on the fact that XYZ is totally frakked up.

And jumbo shrimp? I don’t care what they’re deal is, as long as they continue to make their way to my mouth. I am the end of the food chain.

Linda, one of the awesomest women I know, asks: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, Linda, if I knew that I could probably stop seeing my therapist. 😉 Balancing what I want to be with the needs of my complex family…what I want is on the back burner for now. All that said, and despite the fact that THE MOTHER LOVIN’ FULL MOON IS MAKING ME ALL STABBY, I want to be a writer when I grow up. We’ll see. I peed down my leg with NaNoWriMo, so I don’t know if I have writing in me.

My newest (and to my knowledge, ONLY) reader from Belgium, Benoit asks: If you were an animal, which one and why ?

Oh, Benoit, today I would be any animal that might eat her young. Have I mentioned the full moon? It’s not only making me all stabby, it’s making my sons behave like ferrets on a crack bender.

My former student evolved into dear friend Sarah asks: What kind of wine do you reccomend with a side of an almost 5 year old answering questions in a way most adults wouldn’t think to? And… How much wood can a woochuck chuck if that woodchuck wore dentures?

My wine recommendation for such a situation is anything that is inexpensive and drinkable. I like Black Box Shiraz (yes, it’s wine in a box, shaddup) or Yellow Tail’s Shiraz-Grenache. I suggest buying in bulk, so you NEVER EVER have the soul-freezing situation of an extremely bad day becoming an international crisis when you have no wine. And if the woodchuck is wearing dentures, it probably can eat its young and not need to floss. Lucky woodchuck. Oh, no wood; too full from eating aforementioned young.

Okee dokee kids, that’s it for this episode of Ask Jen Anything. I’m now going to feed the soul sucking full moon worshipping monsters boys, clean the kitchen, bake the cookies they conned me into making, pour a strong margarita, and wait for my husband to return from his business trip. I may or may not be rocking under my desk sucking my thumb by the time he walks in the door.

The full moon can’t find me there.


  1. Sarah

    I am dilluding myself into thinking a bottle of New Belgium Tripple will protect me from the looney moon. Lest the little wearwolves might get the best of me. Me thinkest moving onto mudslides is in the near future.

    Lousy full moon……

    1. Jen

      I just made a double margarita. On an empty stomach. The boys are off the charts right now, and it’s at least 2 hours until Tom gets home. Methinks the Benadryl will be broken out tonight…honestly, A is snurking. 😉

  2. Sarah

    I’d do the benadryl route…. if it didn’t have the OPPOSITE effect… :p I just pray for an easy bed time. Trying to appease with Wall-E.

    A double marg sounds rather tasty… but beer for now, and I am dreaming of Saki. 😀

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