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Quantity vs. Quality
Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity vs. Quality

I’ve reached the point of NaBloPoMo when I realize that the ratio of quality posts to crap is not in my favor. I had such high hopes and started off so well. I planned out posts for the entire month, scheduled them…and watched as the month spun out of control like a Tilt-A-Whirl at a county fair.

Reason? Simple. Life keeps getting in the way of my life. Observe:

Morning: Wake up writing a post in my head. Work on the details at the gym and/or shower. Get caught up in doing mom/wife/work things.
Afternoon: Try to work on post immediately after lunch. Get caught up in doing mom/wife/work things.
Evening: Realize after dinner that daily post has not miraculously written itself and that the desire for time with the spousal unit impedes returning to the basement office to write. Commence thumb typing on the iPhone while snuggling on the couch with husband.

That has been a good portion of the month.

REALLY thinking of going off the grid for a week in December. Clear my head, refill the tank, refresh the mojo.

Then maybe I’ll do more typing with fingertips instead of thumbs.


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