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Ask Jen Anything, Pt 1
Ask Jen Anything, Pt 1

Ask Jen Anything, Pt 1

It’s Saturday night and I’m finally sitting down to write NaBloPoMo post #13. Some good questions from yesterday, and oh, let’s just see where I go with them. Additional wine may be involved. You’ve been warned.

Benoit asks: Dear Jen, are you left-handed (please, do not answer that you type with 2 fingers, one of each hand LOL )? How much wine do you have to drink to do a skydive jump?

No, I am fully right handed, but it’s funny you asked that. When I first started seeing my acupuncturist (the nice man who brought me back from “mostly dead”), he asked if I was left handed because apparently my acupuncturist-determined pulse was really screwed up. It’s better now, and I feel considerably better. And I’m wicked touch-typist. I’m faster if I don’t go back and correct as I go. Two fingers? Only if the other eight are broken.

Skydive? Well, let’s see. I can put away a bottle of wine at a party (I blame my Irish heritage…and daily imbibing), so…I’d need at least two bottles of a fine red and PROBABLY A LITTLE OF THE WACKY TOBACCY FOR ME TO VACATE A PERFECTLY FINE AIRPLANE!!!! Sorry Benoit, ain’t jumpin’ out of a plane.

Heather asks: What color is the sky on Venus?

Well, hmm… See, Venus is heavily clouded, so I’m going with Cloudy With A Chance Of Jen Having Raging SAD. Behind the clouds? Sky-blue pink.

Melissa, my sister from another mister separated at birth twin, asks: When are you coming to Austin? 🙂 It was either that or your opinion of avians carrying large tropical seeds from the Dark Continent.

I am coming to Austin this spring; just watching airfares. And if avians carry large tropical seeds from the Dark Continent, I guarantee my boys will plant them. In the garden box. With the rabbit poop. Perhaps they would grow into a margarita plant.

My wonderful and amusing mom asks: Jen, what is Life?

Ahh…one of those stories that makes a family. Life is what is in the pantry back home, we eat it for breakfast…or so said my younger brother at the childrens’ sermon in church one morning. I think we left the church shortly after that. Oh, beyond that? Beats hell outta me.

And…I’ll leave it there for tonight. I still have a few questions yet to answer, but another post awaits tomorrow. Feel free to ask more questions, I still have a couple weeks of posts to go!


  1. Sarah

    What kind of wine do you reccomend with a side of an almost 5 year old answering questions in a way most adults wouldn’t think to?

    And… How much wood can a woochuck chuck if that woodchuck wore dentures?

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